Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Sexy Evil Witch!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!

Last Saturday morning I was inspired to do an evil sexy kind of witch look because I was going on a witch tour in Salem that day and wanted to look the part. If you are going to do be a witch tomorrow or this weekend but don't want a green face well go with green eyes and a bright red lip. I went with red lips because I wanted to put a little snow white into this look. You know when the evil witch gives snow white the bright red apple. I felt like the green eye shadows and bright red lip give me that evil witchy vibe. I think my crazy hair also help a lot to. Oh yea if you are going to be a witch and have crazy hair mine then make your life easier and just let it all out.
If you are loving this look then please read on!
For the eyes:
Prep the eyes by applying concealer and powder all over the eyes.
I applied a metallic emerald eye shadow in the center and inner corner of the lids.
I put a deep olive green shimmer on top of the emerald green color in the inner corner of the lids.
For the outer corner of the lids I applied a charcoal color eye shadow with grittier and then blend everything together.
I then added a light shimmer green eye shadow into and above the crease but I stop right before the brow bone.
For the brow bone and tear ducts I applied a gold shimmer eye shadow for that awesome highlight!
If any of you girls are going to do this look then I would apply false eye lashes because it will add more drama to this look, but if you’re not a fan then just applied your favorite mascara and black eyeliner.
All done with the eyes!!
Woot Woot
For the face I added bronzer to my temples and under my cheeks bones, Then I added some pink blush to my cheeks I know you can't really see it in the picture.
My Phone kind of washes me out big time. FYI makes sure you add makeup to your neck too, so you won't get a ghost neck like I did.
For the lips I used a bright red glossy lip stain to add that evil apple red vibe that I wanted.
I hope this helps any of you girls that are witching it this year.
I am so sorry to write this but I didn't get to film my Halloween look that I wanted to do so badly. I just didn't had the time and now that I have time today I don't have all my parts together but I am get everything all set and ready for my next day off because I am going to do one my Hunger Games inspired looks for you girls. No more empty promises.
Well I hope you girls at least like this Halloween look even if you could wear anytime of the year.
I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!
Don't forget to eat lots of candy. :)
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!