Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Sexy Evil Witch!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!

Last Saturday morning I was inspired to do an evil sexy kind of witch look because I was going on a witch tour in Salem that day and wanted to look the part. If you are going to do be a witch tomorrow or this weekend but don't want a green face well go with green eyes and a bright red lip. I went with red lips because I wanted to put a little snow white into this look. You know when the evil witch gives snow white the bright red apple. I felt like the green eye shadows and bright red lip give me that evil witchy vibe. I think my crazy hair also help a lot to. Oh yea if you are going to be a witch and have crazy hair mine then make your life easier and just let it all out.
If you are loving this look then please read on!
For the eyes:
Prep the eyes by applying concealer and powder all over the eyes.
I applied a metallic emerald eye shadow in the center and inner corner of the lids.
I put a deep olive green shimmer on top of the emerald green color in the inner corner of the lids.
For the outer corner of the lids I applied a charcoal color eye shadow with grittier and then blend everything together.
I then added a light shimmer green eye shadow into and above the crease but I stop right before the brow bone.
For the brow bone and tear ducts I applied a gold shimmer eye shadow for that awesome highlight!
If any of you girls are going to do this look then I would apply false eye lashes because it will add more drama to this look, but if you’re not a fan then just applied your favorite mascara and black eyeliner.
All done with the eyes!!
Woot Woot
For the face I added bronzer to my temples and under my cheeks bones, Then I added some pink blush to my cheeks I know you can't really see it in the picture.
My Phone kind of washes me out big time. FYI makes sure you add makeup to your neck too, so you won't get a ghost neck like I did.
For the lips I used a bright red glossy lip stain to add that evil apple red vibe that I wanted.
I hope this helps any of you girls that are witching it this year.
I am so sorry to write this but I didn't get to film my Halloween look that I wanted to do so badly. I just didn't had the time and now that I have time today I don't have all my parts together but I am get everything all set and ready for my next day off because I am going to do one my Hunger Games inspired looks for you girls. No more empty promises.
Well I hope you girls at least like this Halloween look even if you could wear anytime of the year.
I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!
Don't forget to eat lots of candy. :)
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Can you believe that Halloween is almost here!! Its funny how time flies, soon it will be Christmas day.
I Just wanted to let you girls know that the Halloween look I will be doing will be up on Youtube before Wednesday. I know that it is late but I was thinking sense Halloween is on a Wednesday this year that there will be lots of parties on the weekend after. Let’s make Halloween a week instead of just a day this year lol. Also I haven’t been able to go to the Halloween store yet to get some things I need for this look! I will be doing that tomorrow. I love going to Halloween stores! They are so much fun.
I'm also thinking of recreating some of the looks cover girl did for Hunger Games on the Covergirl website.
Go check them out, they are awesome!
I can't wait to see this movie. It's funny how the only reason I saw the first Hunger Games movie was because I kept seeing pictures of the actors and their makeup look so amazing. I never thought that this movie would have such fun awesome looks when I first heard about the movie and the books. This was before I read any of the books. Well I've only read the first one, I shouldn't say books. Anyways the book and the movie are just as amazing as the makeup looks too.
What do you girls think of the makeup in the movie Hunger Games?
Are you girls doing anything Hallweenish this weekend?
I'm going to Salem to do one of the ghost tours!! OoOoOO
Have a scary awesome weekend!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OMG You are Going to Hate Me!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
I forgot to tell you girls about the Fall Beauty Bash sale that stila is having on their website!!
Don't worry the sale is not ending till 11:45 tonight but I wish I would have told you girls sooner but I haven’t really check my emails in the last few days opps.
If you have some spending money then I would check out this awesome sale because these deals are too good to miss.
Here are a few products from this sale!

10 Pan Eye Shadow Palette $75.00 $25.00

Kardashian Khaos - Kris Jenner Set $45.00$15.00

Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Set $32.00$10.00

Countless Color Pigments $22.00 $4.00
Now that's more like it!

All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set $25.00 $10.00
There is soo many low prices on makeup it's making my head spin!
Sorry I have to make this short and sweet so I can post this fun news up and give you a chance at the sale! Okay maybe you won’t really hate after all.
Have a good day or night!
Much Love from your crazy makeup lover

Friday, October 18, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Sexy Fall Eyes!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
Yesterday I got my glam bag in the mail but I was a little disappointed because I felt like they went kind of cheap with their products this month. They are still good products but there not the high end products that I was getting when I first subscribe to glam bags that are now called Ipsy.
One of the products that stood out to me was the Wet n Wild Fergie eye shadow palette in Desert Festival that you can get at almost any Walgreens for like $5.00. I thought the colors would make a really pretty fall look that you girls can recreate.

By using all these eye shadows I made this really pretty sexy fall look!

If you have fallen in love with this look then please read on.
For the eyes:
Like always I applied concealer and powder all over the eyes.
I took the orange color and blend it into my crease with a blending brush.
You don't have to do this part but for a good base I applied brown eyeliner with gold glitter in it all over the lids.
I then applied the warm shimmer eye shadow color on the inner corner of the eye lid and then used the smokey brown-black eye shadow on the outer half of the eye lid.
As I was doing this look I kept on blending the colors together.
I applied more of the orange color after all of the blending.
With a small eyeliner brush I applied the lightest color of the palette to my tear ducts and brow bone for a nice shimmer highlight.
With an angle eye liner brush I took the brown color that is in the middle of the palette and applied it to my upper lash line as a the eye liner.
Oh I almost forgot to tell you what I did for under my eyes.
After I applied the shimmer highlight color to my tear ducts I then went under the eyes with the warm shimmer color half way and then continue with the brown-black eye shadow. I then applied the orange color on top of the warm shimmer color.
As always I top off the eyes with black mascara and black eyeliner for my water lines. You can use brown eyeliner for this look but I love my black eyeliner.
For the face:
After I applied my foundation and powder all over I then applied a bronzer to my temples and on my cheeks.
I added a nice shimmer champagne highlighter onto my cheek bones.
For the lips:
I ended up making my own lip color by mixing a bight orange and light peach color together and made this pretty nude peach color with hints of orange. I don't know if that makes any sense but it’s all I got lol.
I hope you like my take on a sexy fall look.
Does this look remind you of fall?
Have a really good weekend!
Much love from you crazy makeup lover.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Makeup Look of the Night: Pinterest Inspired Look!

Hellooo Makeup Lovers!!
As I promised in my last blog I did a look that I found on Pinterest, I'm not sure how this look was really created so I did my own take on it.

When I saw this look, I thought it would be such a fun night out look, it looks tough, but it’s super easy to do!
Well the way I did it, it was super easy.
What do you think?

Does it look just like the one on the models face? lol
Well if you want to look super glam for a night out, then please read on!
For the Eyes:
I applied concealer and powder all over the eyes to hide my veins.
I applied a dark taupey-black eye shadow into the crease and made sure I stopped right at the ends of the inner and outer corner of the eyes with a crease brush. Make sure you blend it out when you’re done making you half of a circle. At first it should look like you got punch in the eyes. haha
I also applied a bright metallic blue eye shadow over the black eye shadow for that shimmer with a hint of color.
I then took my favorite eve shadow at the moment called Shellshock all over the lids which is a really pretty bright metallic silver color that is perfect for about any fun night out look!
For both the brow bone and the tear ducts I applied a warm champagne satin eye shadow that adds a nice highlight.
I then went under the bottom lash line with shellshock and stop at the middle to continue with the black eye shadow.
To finish off the eyes I applied black mascara to the lashes and a deep dark eye liner to my top lash line to line my eyes. I also applied the eye liner to my water lines.
For the Face:
I applied a foundation and powder all over my face.
I then applied a bronzer under and on my cheeks.
I took a matte white high light and applied it to my cheek bones, forehead, and nose.
For the lips:
I didn't have a matte pink nude lip color like the girl did in the picture so I tried my best to create my own by applying a nude lip color and try to matte it out with nude and light pink eye shadows with my fingers but my lips still had some shine to them.
That's how I recreated the Pinterest glam look!
The only thing that I didn't do was recreated the eye brows but I ran out of time.
What do you girls think?
Was this a hit or miss? Love it or hate it?
I would love to hear what you girls think!
Oh don't forget to request some fun Halloween looks!
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day: Updated Look

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!
This makeup look of the day is a little different from most of my other looks because it’s an updated version of one of the looks I’ve already done. Last summer I wore a lot of blue eye liner with a bronze shimmer on top of my lids. It was so pretty and so simple to do. The new version is still really pretty but there is little bit more work into it and I think it’s perfect for fall!
It's funny because I was going to do a whole different look that I saw on Pinterest but I really wanted to use my new eyeliners, so I thought I would just have fun with them instead. Don't worry I am going to do the Pinterest look tomorrow night because I going out anyways. I usually don't like to do a new look right before I go out but I have enough time to wash it off and do it all over again if it doesn't work out for me.
Even though there’s a little more work it’s still kind of an easy look to do. The only hard part would be the eyeliners. If you are not good with the eyeliner just use a color eye shadow with an angled brush that you can get for $1 or $3 at Another trick is to just use an eye pencil and then fix it with an angel brush to smooth out the line. I used that trick all the time on myself. I always have trouble applying eyeliner on my right eye because I am a lefty and have the hardest time. I feel like it’s a lot easier putting makeup on other people then myself.
Anyways let’s get on with this smokey brown eye with a pop of blues!
For the eyes:
For a blank canvas I applied concealer and powder all over the eyes.
I also applied a light nude eye shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone. Make sure you use a matte color!
I then took a matte medium brown eye shadow and applied into the crease and blending out with a blending brush.
If you think it’s too dark for you, no worries just keep on blending it out until you feel like it's right for you.
For the lids I applied a metallic brown eye shadow and then added another metallic brown with shimmer and glitter on top by using a flat eye shadow brush.
For under the lash lines I would just apply the medium brown color with a smudge brush. I did add the other two browns but it end up not making any sense because only the medium brown ended up showing after I applied the eyeliner.
Lesson learned!
I ended up having to lighten this look up by applying a light gold eye shadow onto the tear ducts and in the inner corners of the eyes.
I should have done the same for the brow bone but I didn't, I just ended up using the nude eye shadow.
Now the fun part!
Yes I used my new Urban Decay eyeliners but you can get almost the same colors for half the price at the drug stores.
I used Ultraviolet for my top lash line which is a bright blue-violet color with shimmer in it.
I then used Deep End for my bottom lash line which is a pretty metallic blue-green color with shimmer.
I love me some Shimmer!!!
That's pretty much it, all I did after that was the mascara and the black eyeliner for my waterlines.
As you can tell by the pictures I did not put on any face makeup because I was just giving my skin a break from makeup. It’s not good to wear face makeup every day; you have to let your skin breathe once in a while.
Sense my lips were really dried that day I just put on a nude chap stick.
If I did apply any makeup to the face I would of just kept things simple by just applying on bronzer to the cheek and a shimmer highlighter to the cheekbones.
I hope you like my updated look.
Here are the pictures:

Here is the old version of this look!

Which version do you girls like better?
Don't forget to request any Halloween looks for me to do.
For those looks I will be making videos for you girls because I think it will be much better for you to see what I am doing instead me typing it all down lol.
I want to get back into making videos anyways. It's just hard to find time doing them but if you make a request right before this weekend I will definitely have time to do at least one because I have this weekend off! Hint hint
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Looks!

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!
It’s that time of year again when all the beauty bloggers and you tubers start to post all their awesome Halloween looks! I think I am the only one that hasn't really done a fun and cool Halloween look. Well I tried to a couple years ago when I started out on YouTube but nothing really too awesome. I am hoping to at least do one or two looks for Halloween to help any of you makeup lovers who need some help getting a look together, but first I need your help to get inspired!
Just give me some ideas!
Are you girls going to be something for a Halloween party but not sure how to do the makeup, just tell me what it is and I will do my best to finally do a fun awesome Halloween look!
I really hope to get lots of request makeup looks from you girls because I know this will be so much fun!
You can request any kind of look you want because I like a good challenge.
It can be fun, scary, and so on.
It can be something so out of the box. It’s doesn't matter how silly or crazy it is because when it comes to Halloween it just doesn't matter. I feel like Halloween is one of the most favorite time of the year for makeup artist because they can get super creative.
Here are the past Looks that I have done for Halloween.

This is the 80s glam makeup look I did two years ago. This was when I first begin making videos on YouTube on my laptops camera so it’s kind of hard to see what I am doing, but it’s all I had at the time.

Golden Goddess Look
That's all I got for now.
I hope to hear form most of you by comments or email.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set Review!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!

Most of you girls are probably saying not another Urban Decay review but it’s not my fault that they are awesome! Well the truth is I just have been using all my of birthday money and gift cards plus their products are a must have even if they are like a million dollars. Not really but they might as well be, but you can save a lot of money if you buy their holiday sets. I know I said this in my last Review but it’s true.
This time I got the Ocho Loco 2 24/7 Eye Pencil set that holds eight full sizes of eye liner that cost a total $59.99 instead of $152.00 but who would really spend that much money on eye liners. In reality you would only buy one or two if you are lucky. You even get a fun neon-green Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener that would of cost you $10.00 and not be in this awesome green color!
Here are some questions you girls are most likely thinking right now and here are my answers.
Are they really worth the money?
You will have all the colors you need to achieve any look you felt like doing that day, plus you get five new shades that you can't get anywhere else. Not only are these eyeliners are so vibrant and pigmented but they are so much easier to control because of their soft and creamy formula that just glides on your eyes without any pulling. After about a minute it will dry into a long-lasting waterproof formula.
Sense these pencils stay all on day on the eye lids will they last just as long on the waterlines?
No, only some do. So far the only one that stays on the water lines is Perversion which is the darkest black color Urban Decay has. I am not sure if any of the others will stay on the waterlines because I have only tried Perversion and Roach. Roach is a no-go on the waterline. I think it’s just to light. I'm thinking the darker the colors are the better they are for the waterline.
Where can I buy this awesome set? or
If some of you girls are going to buy this set then it's better to buy it on Sephora’s site because you will get more samples out of them like I did! :) As much I would love to buy this set, but are there other pencils that are cheaper but almost just as good as these?
O yes!
NYX Slide on Pencil for $8.00 at
Here is what the colors look like!

From left to right
Roach, Twice Baked, Crave, Perversion, Deep End, Mars, Ultraviolet, Tornado
Which one of these colors do you like the most? For me it’s Perversion because to me there is nothing better than a really good black eyeliner, its perfect for making my big eyes a little smaller.
If you have any questions then leave a comment or just email me if you don't want the world to see.
I hope you have an awesome weekend!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Makeup Look of the Night: Inspired look

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!
I have a habit of being inspired by silly things to help me created awesome looks for my nails and makeup looks. For example I got my nails painted yellow with black tips to match my car. That is one of the many examples of what inspires my crazy beauty trends. You may think that is a silly way to get inspired but I think it make its fun.The reason why I am writing this in my blog tonight is because the makeup look of the night was inspired by my engagement ring. When I was flying back to Boston from Mexico I kept thinking how these colors might be a fun makeup look for a night out. I just didn't have the right kind of metallic silver to add that pop until I got my Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette in the mail last week. When I saw how perfect the silver was for this look I ran to the bathroom and created my engagement ring inspired look!

Here's how to recreate this look!
For the Face:
Sense I wasn't really going anywhere that night I just applied my BB cream all over my face and set it with a face powder.
I only added some bronzer to my cheeks sense I knew I was going to have a lot going on with the eyes
I used Dope on my cheek bones form the Vice 2 Palette as a high lighter. Dope is a warm champagne satin color. If you don't have Vice 2 then just used any high light color you have. It will still look awesome, maybe even more awesome then mine!
For the eyes:
Before I blended a gray eye shadow into my crease I applied eye primer all over my lids.
I blended the gray eye shadow above my crease and stop right before my brow bone.
I took the colors madness and prank and applied them to the inner and outer corner of my eyes. Make sure you leave the middle alone!
Madness is a bright metallic blue shimmer with blue glitter and Prank is a deep navy matte blue with turquoise. Just used any dark blues you have and then just add some shimmer blue color on top.
Before I added more colors I blended out the blues into the crease.
I applied the color shellshock onto the middle of my lids and on the tear ducts
I took the bright metallic silver color underneath the eyes a little but then I continued with the colors Madness and Prank.
I kind of forgot what color I used for the brow bone but I think I blended dope into the crease to add more shimmer and then I used Habit as a highlight for the brow done.
Habit is a matte nude color.
If you do this look then make sure you keep blending the colors out. Blending is very important when you do these kinds of looks, because it will just look like you got punch in the eyes. That's just a hot mess!
As always I applied black eyeliner and mascara to complete the eyes.
If you have big eyes like me then applied an eye liner onto your water lines, if you don't then apply the black eyeliner underneath your lash lines.
For the lips:
I used three different colors to make a pinky nude color.
If you don't have a pinky nude lip colors, then used whatever nude lip color you have.
I just loved the pinky nude colors on me because it works for me.
Use whatever works for you.
Do you girls have anything that inspires your makeup looks, nails, or even the fashion you wear? Or am I just the only weird one here?
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!