Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish Review

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
Here’s to a rainy Saturday! It is such a good day to go to the movies or just stay home and watch Netflix. Thank god for Netflix sense it is going to rain all weekend. I didn't really mind that it was going to rain this weekend because I was supposed to be cleaning and painting my condo but sense the closing date got cancel again I must make other plans. Alright I guess I should get going with the review.

The Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle is an oldie but a goodie, It has been out for a while but I got this awesome product back in January. This is my first and only product by mac. The reasons why I don't really buy from Mac is because A there are expensive and B I don't have a Mac counter or store where I live. This is a baked shimmery velvet like powder that I like to use as a highlight for my cheekbones and on my forehead to help give me that natural day at the beach look.
I have been using this product in all my looks sense the day I got this. When I put this on at first it give me such a nice glow but I thought it was to light until I walk outside and saw how the sun made it look so much more glowy in a natural way. A little goes along way because if you put too much on you will look like a plastic doll instead of a glowy goddess. To look even more like a glowy goddess this will look awesome on top of your bronzer. I like to use this highlight powder on top of my cheek bones and then used a bronzer as my blush instead of a color blush. Then I mix the two colors together and boom! I look like I just came from the beach but without the sunburn. There are about 5 more other colors to choose from but I not really sure what they are, I do know there is a gold one but that’s all I know. The Soft and Gentle is a nice champagne color with a hint of gold in it. Champagne is such a nice highlight color for light skin people like me. I wasn't really going to write a review about this sense this is not a new product but I cannot seem to get enough of this stuff. Now before I write how much this product is I have to tell you this stuff will last you a long time, I have been using this sense January and I still have a full compact of it left. It’s still looks like I just brought it. Like I wrote before a little goes a long way.
You can get the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish for $32 at any Mac counter in stores like Macys Nordstrom, or you can just go to
I hope you have an awesome weekend!!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun, Sexy, and Wearable Color of the Year Look

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
Happy Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!
Today I have an easy and more wearable color of the year look for you girls. This look is for the girls that want a more wearable purple look sense the last two were kind of cray cray but that is the kind of looks I like. Who doesn’t want to wear a fun over the top look? Well the ones who have to be walking in day light. So here is a fun but way more wearable look for day time.
O yeah before I go on about this look I must warn you about my eyebrows, they are not in the best of shape. I just really didn't feel fixing or drawing them in that day for some reason. We all have are bad eyebrow days, mine are just being show to the world or just too a few states, that’s all.
Now if you want to know how to get this fun, sexy, and wearable color of the year look then please read on.
Fun, Sexy, and Wearable Color of the Year Look!

For the Eyes:
Now like I always say apply eye shadow primer before any shadows because it just makes everything better. It doesn’t matter if it is a $3.00 or $20.00 primer; they all work and do the same thing.
I took a very pale matte pink eye shadow and apply it all over the lids, under my lower lash lines, and up to the brow bone.
Then I apply a shimmery purple with a hint of silver in it on top of the lids, under my lower lash lines, and up to the crease.
For the smoky part I added a dark purple with black in it on top of the shimmery purple and up to the crease. I also added this color under my lower lash lines too.
I blend it into the crease with my handy dandy blending brush.
For a little more pink to the look I added a matte pink shadow into the crease with my blending brush.
I added a shimmer white onto my brow bones but you can use a matte white instead.
For the tear ducts I apply a pale pink shadow and then I added a shimmer white on top.
For the top lash lines I believe I used a brown black eye liner pencil and then I added a red brown shadow with glitter in it on top of the liner.
For my water lines I use black eyeliner but you can use purple or even silver eyeliner to make the look more fun.
I just really love black eyeliners so that is what I used for most of my looks.
Then I of course apply on mascara for the grand finale.
For Face:
After I apply on my CC Cream all over my face I then apply powder only on my t-zone which is the forehead, nose, and chin.
I apply bronzer onto my temples, under my cheek bones, and on the jaw line.
I added a pretty high light powder onto my cheek bones and then applied a pink eye shadow onto my cheeks as a blush.
I forgot what I used for my lips but I think it was just a light pink lip gloss.
There’s your fun, sexy, and wearable color of the year look.
I hope you girls will like it!!!
Have an awesome weekend everyone!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

More Randomness

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I am back with some more randomness and more sorrys about how I haven't post anything for a week now. I am in the process of moving out and into my condo! The next few weeks are going to be a little crazy for me but I will at least have time to write one post a week. My blogging nights are usually Tuesday and Thursdays but for some reason I was too tried and lazy to write anything this week. Like I said in my last random post my mind has been busy thinking about house and wedding stuff so I have been having writers block about makeup. Crazy right? I have always had something big or small to write about makeup or anything related to it. It's funny every time I have time to write a post I am usually to tried and fall asleep. Blah!! I also want to do more YouTube videos but that will have to wait until I am all move into my new home because I have boxes all around me in my room and half my stuff is pack. So yea I hope you girls will still be here reading my blog when I get back into my regular blogging schedule. Which will be at least two posts a week but for now it’s going to have to be one post a week and it might not be makeup related. I might have updates about how the move is going and all. Don't worry this week’s subject will be on makeup I'm not sure if it will be on a look I just did today or on a product I am loving! I'm not sure if I want to show you my today’s makeup look because my eyebrows look kind of scary today lol. I should have got them done before making any kind of looks but it’s all good. I thought the messy eyebrow look was all the rage this season. No?
Maybe I will just put a warning in the post before the pictures lol.
Well that’s all I have to write for now and this will be my last excuse post for why I haven’t been writing because I’m sure it’s getting annoying for you girls.
Well if you girls have any questions about anything beauty related or on a subject you would want to me to write about don’t be afraid to ask. I love hearing from you girls!
You can reach me by leaving me comments on my blog or reaching me at……
I hope you all have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!