Friday, December 27, 2013


Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and didn't have to work it like I did. But it's all good because I ended up getting most of my gifts early and I still got to spend time with my family even if it felt like the day flew by. I don't know if it was just me but it felt like Christmas day was like two seconds and boom here we are on the Friday after, but it was still a good day or a few seconds.
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately, I usually try to do at least two post a week but it's been a little busy lately with the holiday and all. I'm sure it has been busy for you girls as well. I was going to blog last night but ended up falling asleep before I could do anything. :( I know I will have at least one review on a certain palette that I love and can't wait to blog about it but I only had it for two days so it is kind of too early to write about it. I just need two more days, just kidding!
Well that is all I have to write about for now, I just wanting to say hello and let you know I'm still alive. :)
What did you girls do for Christmas? Got any awesome new makeup products you been dying to try?
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day: Easy Holiday Look for the Busy Season!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
How’s your holiday season going? Are you busy running around and trying to get everything done for the big fun day? Are you even done with shopping yet?
Are you going to any big awesome holiday parties and finding out you just don't have enough time to get all beautified because you just have so much to do!?!
Well I have a fun, easy, and simple holiday look that I think anyone will love.
I decided to do an easy holiday look for you guys because I'm finding out that it is really hard to put on a fun party look when you just have so much to do before it. I just have one tip for you girls, if you are going to do a bold red lip like I did with this look make sure you line your lips with a red lip pencil or your lips will look kind of messy like mine. Red lips always look way better when they are lined. I don't own a red lip pencil at the moment because I somehow lost it. I always seem to lose anything that is in a pencil form. Blah!

Want to look your best for any fun holiday party in a hurry? Then please read on!
For the eyes: I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight Eye Shadow Primer all over the eyes to add a nice metallic gold shimmer to the eyes. You can use any gold color base you have.
With a flat eye shadow brush I applied a dark matte brown on to the eyelids and then blended it into the crease with a blending brush. The gold base will add such a pretty glow to this look.
I applied a pretty gold eye shadow onto the tear ducts and right over the crease of the eyes.
I then added a really pretty shimmer white eye shadow on to my brow bone. If you think that is too much shimmer for you than just use a matte white or nude eye shadow.
Underneath the lower lash line I applied a shimmer copper-pink color that added such a nice touch to this look.
For the eye liner I used Urban Decay 24/7 GLIDE-ON EYE PENCIL in Crave which is a dark brown-black matte color. I used this color on my top lash line and in my water line.
For the grand finial I added lots of mascara to the lashes but if you have some extra time then just add some false lashes.
For the Face: I added my CC Cream and face power and a little concealer under my eyes.
CC and BB Creams are perfect for busy girls that just don’t have time to make sure their foundation is perfect.
For a nice rosy glow I applied a light pink cream blush on to the apples of my cheeks. For this step I just smile to find my apples and blend the color in a circular motion with my fingers.
For a nice highlight I applied a pretty Champagne high lighter onto my cheek bones and a bronzer all over my face. Not too much bronzer! You don’t want to look like an oompa loompa now.
For the lips I applied a nice bold red lip stain for that holiday jolly feel.
That’s it! I hope you this helps any of you girls and I hope you have a fun holiday even if it is crazy.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift Guide for that Crazy Makeup Lover in your Life: $50 and Over!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
Can you believe it is almost Christmas time!?!
I can't!
This is a gift guide to help any of you that are going to get a big gift for your crazy makeup lover that you are really close too or if you have a big group of friends that love to do the group gift thing then this guide will help you out. Also if your loved ones are keep asking you what you want for Christmas, and you have no idea what to tell them then please read on so I can help you! Some of these price tags might be too big if your family has a small budget this year but if you are like me and you love to screen shop (window shop) then you too can read on!
These first two gift are on my never going to happen wish list but I still think these are such an awesome gift set even if they way too pricey.

The Mother Lode by Urban Decay $595.00 at
I'm pretty sure the girl that gets this is probably the only gift she is ever going to get this year but it is totally worth it because not only do you get 68 of one the best eye shadows ever made you also get a 4-pan Build Your Own Palette to take with you on the go and you will never have to buy another eye shadow ever again!

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Vault by Urban Decay $295.00 at
This is for the crazy makeup lover that wants to own every single color of the Urban Decays eyeliners and now she can for a price lol.

Naked3 by Urban Decay $52.00 at
This is a great gift for the girl that wants the next big thing but without the heavy price tag. This is the palette every crazy makeup lover wants this year! It is out of stock again but I know that Sephora is selling it but I’m not sure if it is out of stock yet.
I got one more gift from Urban Decay to show you girls, I know I am really obsessed with UD but it’s not my fault that there products are awesome I just wish they cost less money so I could get every single product they have.

This one is for the girl that so in love with Urban Decay that she wants everyone to know. You just can't go wrong with this cute fun and edgy purple sweat shirt. I wish I didn't forget to put this on my wish list but o well, at least I know I am getting the Naked3 palette that I'm not supposed to know I am getting for Christmas but we will just keep that between us. Don't tell anybody. ;)

Clarisonic Mia2™ Amethyst Radiance Collection $150 at Sephora.
This is for the skin and makeup lover that wants to keep her skin looking clean, smooth, and young. Not only do you get the cute purple brush but also get anti-aging products that just makes this gift complete.

Tarte LipSurgence Collector's Set $175.00 at Sephora.
Do you have friend who is just obsessed with the chubby sticks lip pencils then here is the most awesome gift you could ever give them and it’s in a pretty box. I always love how Tarte packaging is always so pretty and elegant. These LipSurgence give great color payoff while keeping your lips moisturize and plump!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Makeup Artist Picks $300.00 at Sephora
Make UP For Ever is one of those products that I know works really well but don’t own one thing from them because I am just too poor for it. This will make a really good gift for that makeup artist in your life that could use some awesome products in her kit or maybe just for herself, it is a gift to her after all, right?

Stila Artist Signature Set $185.00 at Sephora
This is another great gift to give to a makeup artist or for anyone who just loves Stila products.

Black Core Set 155.85 on
I don’t own any of these brushes but I do know that they are a really good product because YouTube guru Kandee Johnson is always talking about them in her videos. This is just a really good gift to give to any makeup lover or artist because you just can’t have enough brushes.

The ICEbOX are between $365 and $395 at
A lot of these are sold out but I just think this is the most awesome gift you could give to someone who has a lot of makeup. These are just awesome and I need like three of these right now!
I’m pretty sure you can probably find something like this much cheaper but it is a cute Christmas gift to give.
That is all I got for the big gift ideas for you girls.
I hope it helps any of you girls out. Have a good day or night!
Much Love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day: Just a Fun and Palyful Purple Look

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
The other day I was just trying to put on my makeup quick because my BFF was going to pick me up soon but I somehow ended up with this fun purple look. All I was going to do was put on one eye shadow color with some purple eye liner but that just didn't happen. I just kept putting on a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then I ended up with a full on purple look! When I was a teenager all I had was one or two eye shadows and that’s all I’d use for the whole year but now I have more eye shadows then I could ever need, and I don’t really do quick simple looks anymore.
Well I did do this look quick, it's just not that simple.
If you want to know how I did this quick but not so simple look then please read on.

This time I used an eye shadow primer and top it off with my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk which is just a white cream base so you can used what ever you have.
This will help make the colors pop more!
I applied a bright purple with a hint of blue color into my crease with my blending brush and then blended it out over the crease. I put a matte pink eye shadow over the purple and then blended the colors together
I then took a matte purple onto my eyelids with a flat eye shadow brush and then added a shimmery metallic purple with purple micro-glitter on top of the matte purple just to add the sparkle to the look.
I find it much easier to use my fingers when I’m added an eye shadow that has lots of glitter in it. When I used an eye shadow brush it just falls onto my face and makes a big mess.
To add a fun highlight to my brow bone I applied a metallic pink shadow with a golden iridescent micro-sparkle and I also applied this same color under my lower lash line.
For the tear ducts I had to use my all-time favorite color Shellshock from Urban Decay because I just can't get enough of this color.
For the eyeliners I used a dark purple color on my top lash line and then used a really black eyeliner for my waterline.
Then for the lashes I applied my favorite mascara of the moment which is they're real! Mascara by Benefit.
I didn't do much with the face this time, all I did was applied my CC Cream and face power and then added some bronzer for a little color.
For the lips I just added a nude lip color since I got so much going on with the eyes.
There you have it, my quick but not so simple fun and playful purple look. Say that five times fast.
What is your all time favorite mascara that you can't live without?
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Disney Frozen Inspired Look!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!
I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Day and weekend! Now it’s time to have some holiday fun.
Well the look I created is not really for the holidays it is more of a winter look but I made this look on the night I went to go see the movie Frozen and of course my look was inspired by this cute, funny, and fun movie that is now on my top Disney favorites list. Yes I am 25 years old but I will never be too old for my Disney princess movies. :)
Okay now on with this magical winter Look!

For the eyes:
I prep the eyes with concealer and powder and then applied a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over the eyes to help make my eye shadows pop more.
I went into my Vice 2 palette and dip my crease brush into Shellshock which is this pretty metallic silver color that I just can't get enough of and applied it into my crease and blend it out. I also apply this color onto my tear ducts.
This color adds a nice winter touch.
I then add the color Madness which is a metallic blue shimmer color with blue micro-glitter onto the lids with a flat eye shadow brush. You can color the whole lid if you want but I only went halfway with this color because I ended up added the color Prank to the outer corners of my eyes. Prank is a deep navy matte blue with a hint of turquoise in it but you can just use a dark blue if you want.
For the brow bone I added a pretty shimmery champagne color to keep the sparkle going sense there was so much shimmery white snow all over the place in the movie.
The two girls in this movie had big beautiful eyes and I wanted to add the big eye effect so I used an eyeliner pencil that was almost the same color as Shellshock onto my waterline. You can also use white eyeliner to make your eyes bigger too but I think the silver adds a nice touch. The silver color on the tear duct and water line will add the big eye effect.
For the top lash line I just used my favorite black eyeliner to line my eyes. Don't make the line to thick because you want the winter colors to be the stars in this look not your eyeliner.
If you want to make your eyes even bigger than just add a full set of eyelashes but I just used mascara for this look.
For the face:
After I applied my CC Cream and face powder all over I apply bronzer to my temples and under the cheeks bones and then added a pretty light pink blush to the apples of my cheeks. I also added a Shimmer champagne color on top of my cheeks bones to add a nice highlight to my face.
For the lips I added the same light pink blush color that I used my cheeks and top it off with a pink nude lip gloss.
O yea I forgot a step, I added the color madness underneath my lash lines. Opps!
I hope you makeup lovers like this fun Frozen Inspired look and just remember you are never too old for a good Disney fairy tale movie.
What is you all time favorite Disney movie?
Mine is Snow White!
Have a good day or night and don't forget that the holidays are about being with your love ones, it’s not about shopping for the best gifts.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!