Monday, October 14, 2013

Makeup Look of the Night: Pinterest Inspired Look!

Hellooo Makeup Lovers!!
As I promised in my last blog I did a look that I found on Pinterest, I'm not sure how this look was really created so I did my own take on it.

When I saw this look, I thought it would be such a fun night out look, it looks tough, but it’s super easy to do!
Well the way I did it, it was super easy.
What do you think?

Does it look just like the one on the models face? lol
Well if you want to look super glam for a night out, then please read on!
For the Eyes:
I applied concealer and powder all over the eyes to hide my veins.
I applied a dark taupey-black eye shadow into the crease and made sure I stopped right at the ends of the inner and outer corner of the eyes with a crease brush. Make sure you blend it out when you’re done making you half of a circle. At first it should look like you got punch in the eyes. haha
I also applied a bright metallic blue eye shadow over the black eye shadow for that shimmer with a hint of color.
I then took my favorite eve shadow at the moment called Shellshock all over the lids which is a really pretty bright metallic silver color that is perfect for about any fun night out look!
For both the brow bone and the tear ducts I applied a warm champagne satin eye shadow that adds a nice highlight.
I then went under the bottom lash line with shellshock and stop at the middle to continue with the black eye shadow.
To finish off the eyes I applied black mascara to the lashes and a deep dark eye liner to my top lash line to line my eyes. I also applied the eye liner to my water lines.
For the Face:
I applied a foundation and powder all over my face.
I then applied a bronzer under and on my cheeks.
I took a matte white high light and applied it to my cheek bones, forehead, and nose.
For the lips:
I didn't have a matte pink nude lip color like the girl did in the picture so I tried my best to create my own by applying a nude lip color and try to matte it out with nude and light pink eye shadows with my fingers but my lips still had some shine to them.
That's how I recreated the Pinterest glam look!
The only thing that I didn't do was recreated the eye brows but I ran out of time.
What do you girls think?
Was this a hit or miss? Love it or hate it?
I would love to hear what you girls think!
Oh don't forget to request some fun Halloween looks!
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover