Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire District 12 Look!

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!

Covergirl has made a line of makeup for The Hunger Games: Catching on Fire movie and they also made a look for each district. They all look really awesome and very different. If you haven’t seen any of these looks, then check them out!
I love these looks so much that I thought it would be soo much fun to recreate some of them. I am not going to do all of them because I really don't have time, but I am going to at least do one more. The look I recreated today is the one from District 12, now this look is not wearable at all as you can tell but it was so much fun to make. I love getting really creative with makeup even if it means I can't wear it in public. hahaha
I hope you enjoy this look and please feel free to request any of the District looks you would like to see me do.
Warning: really intense eye makeup!

Which one of the District looks do you like the most?
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!