Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Can you believe that Halloween is almost here!! Its funny how time flies, soon it will be Christmas day.
I Just wanted to let you girls know that the Halloween look I will be doing will be up on Youtube before Wednesday. I know that it is late but I was thinking sense Halloween is on a Wednesday this year that there will be lots of parties on the weekend after. Let’s make Halloween a week instead of just a day this year lol. Also I haven’t been able to go to the Halloween store yet to get some things I need for this look! I will be doing that tomorrow. I love going to Halloween stores! They are so much fun.
I'm also thinking of recreating some of the looks cover girl did for Hunger Games on the Covergirl website.
Go check them out, they are awesome!
I can't wait to see this movie. It's funny how the only reason I saw the first Hunger Games movie was because I kept seeing pictures of the actors and their makeup look so amazing. I never thought that this movie would have such fun awesome looks when I first heard about the movie and the books. This was before I read any of the books. Well I've only read the first one, I shouldn't say books. Anyways the book and the movie are just as amazing as the makeup looks too.
What do you girls think of the makeup in the movie Hunger Games?
Are you girls doing anything Hallweenish this weekend?
I'm going to Salem to do one of the ghost tours!! OoOoOO
Have a scary awesome weekend!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!