Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do You Love to Shop?

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!! Do you girls love to shop? I think shopping is one of my favorite things to do but I don't do it that often since I have been saving for a house. When I do shop it is mostly done at Kohl’s or on online stores like,, and
I love these kind of sites because you can get such great deals on items that was way out of your budget
Spark Blvd is a new web site that opened back in March that sells a whole bunch of things like skin care, cloths, furniture and so on. They also have weekly sales! I counted seven brands on sale this week. I am in love with their fitness sale they are having for both man and woman.
Like most online sites and stores there are some that are hit and miss but that's what I love about shopping. I love when I can't find anything and then all of a sudden boom!!! I find a cute top or something that caching my eyes.
There are a lot of cute and fun things around this site like....

To shop at this site you girls do need to sign up for a membership but don't worry you can sign up for free. I also have an awesome treat for you girls. They gave me a code that will let you girls have %25 off on your first order. How awesome is that! It’s only for a limited time but I not sure how long, so get to shopping. lol
Oh yea the code is Welcome25
Here is all their links:
Wed site:
Happy shopping!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Makeup Look of the Summer: Fun Orange Eyes!

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!

I made another summer look for the girls who would like a little more of a drama to their look. This makeup look is sooo easy to do and it is great for those hot summer days because I used my Color Tattoo by Maybelline. If you girls don't have this product or have something like it, then I would get it if I were you because it will stay on until you wash if off. If I could I would buy every single shade of the color tattoos!
If you girls want to know how to do this super fun and easy look then please read on...
For the face:
I used my Maybelline BB Cream with SPF 35 in it all over my face and instead of using a setting powder I used elf Makeup Mist and set. I like to do this in the summer because the powder ends up looking cakey on my face instead of flawless.
The setting spray will set and stop any makeup from sweating off!
After I let my face dry I added bronzer all over my face to add some color.
I then mix a pink and orange blush together and added it to my cheeks.
For that nice glow I added a pink highlight to my cheek bones.
For the eyes:
I applied an eye primer all over the lids and then took my Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy which is a pretty orange color with a little shimmer in it and applied it all over my eyelids, on the tear ducts, and under my eyes.
I added an eye shadow color that was almost the same shade as it to bring out the color more and used a lighter orange with more shimmer in it on my tear ducts.
I took a bronze eye shadow and blend that into my crease and I think I used just a white eye shadow on my brow bone as a highlight but I can't really remember. Opps!
To complete the look I added black Waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
For the lips:
I just made my own nude lip gloss with a hint in it.
I love making my own lip colors because I get bored with the same old lip sticks and lip glosses sometimes.
I also set my face once more with the mist and set spray.
What do you girls think of this summer look? Do you like it better than the other one? Hate it?
Here are more pictures!!!!

If you girls don't have time to put makeup on and you are going to be outside all day then just put on some awesome sunglasses.

Like These!!!
I hope you girls have a good day or night.
Much love from you crazy makeup lover.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Just an Updated

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!
I am sorry for not posting much last week.
I was hoping to blog this weekend but I was way too busy and tried to blog.
On Friday night I did the relay for life team with my mom and friends.
It was fun but it was so hard staying up all night!
I ended sleeping for like six hours on Saturday and I thought Saturday would have been a good day to blog but I just felt like watching movies instead. I was just being lazy ;)
Sunday was such a nice hot day that I just had to go to the beach! It was a must lol.
I thought tonight would be the perfect day to blog but I ended up working over 12 hours. Opps!
No worries I will be back to blogging tomorrow after working and gyming it. :)
Much love from your crazy Makeup lover!
Have a good day or night.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Rebel

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!
 photo 02266_PrettyRebel_Fa13_CategoryBanner_v3_SM_zps4caa475d.jpg
The new fall collection by Too Faced came out today and I’m just loving the whole collection because it looks fun and glamorous! Sure its got gold’s and browns like lots of other fall makeup kits, but it’s also got a pop of color that will let you be a rebel! (but a pretty one) I don't have this collection yet but I do know that the eye shadow palette will be amazing because Too Faced is one of the best eye shadow brands I know. All of the eye shadows I have are from them are pigmented, beautiful, and so easy to work with. For some reason there eye shadows feel really soft. Too Faced also makes the best eye shadows palettes too.
I wanted to tell you girls about this new collection two days ago but I didn't have the pictures to shows you the new products that came out today on the Too Faced site. At least I can tell you girls all about it now because I am so excited about it.
Pretty Rebel Beauty Eye Shadow Palette!
 photo toofacedfalleyes_zpsf4ec50d3.jpg
 photo toofacedeyeslook_zps33aa03ab.jpg
Just like all of the Too Faced Palettes you get three signature how- to looks!
 photo toofacedeyes2_zps221aeba3.jpg
Here is the new eye shadow palette with ten new long lasting shades to show off your rebel side in a pretty way. I really love the pop of pink in this palette. I think this pink shade is stealing the attention from all the other shadows.
What do you girls think of the new pink eye shadow?
Are you loving or hating it?
Here is a close up of all the new eye shadows!
 photo misssparkles_zps86b5ce51.jpg
Miss Sparkles
 photo ringleader_zpse82f9a61.jpg
 photo Jailbird_zps5bf45429.jpg
 photo Instigator_zps023eb7b6.jpg
 photo girly_zps6c42eb10.jpg
 photo gangsta_zps3f9d5d17.jpg
 photo charming_zpsa497cbbe.jpg
 photo dainty_zps042e4aae.jpg
 photo Badass_zpsd7176add.jpg
 photo TotallyFetch_zps926dc44b.jpg
Totally Fetch
Lip Injection Color Bomb! Moisture Plumping Lip Tint
 photo LipInjectioncolorbombs_zpsd80e1d9a.jpg
$21.00 each
Too Faced combine their best best-selling Lip Injection plumping technology with a satin color stain that is supposed to give you soft sexy full lips with some shine.
If one of you girls get this product comment below and let me know if know how good or bad this product works.
This lip product comes in six different colors!
 photo EastwoodRed_zpsf0ad5213.jpg
Eastwood Red
This color was inspired by actress Francesca Eastwood in which she created the name.
 photo CoralPop_zps719f75cd.jpg
Coral Pop
 photo CandyBurst_zpsad288b20.jpg
Candy Burst
 photo BiggerBerry_zps28be7f28.jpg
Bigger Berry
 photo NeverEnoughNude_zpsa9c734f6.jpg
Never Enough Nude
 photo PlumpitupPink_zps2c4dc3f3.jpg
Plump it up Pink
Loving this pinkkk!!!!!
Glitter Glaze Transforming Shadow Top Coat
This product is the glamour to the rebel collection that is already sold out!!!! :(
You can wear this as a top coat over your eye shadow or you can wear it alone. The choice is yours if you even got one!!
The glitter glaze comes in two pretty eye catching colors.
 photo glitterglaze_1_goldierocks_zps70d89039.png
Goldie Rocks
 photo glitterglaze_1_silverspark_zpsadc5ca06.png
Silver Spark
That is it for this collection. If you girls saw anything you like then you better go to before it is all sold out. I can't believe the Glitter Glaze is already so out.
If you any of you girls were one of the lucky ones to get it, please comment below and tell me how good or bad it is.
I would love to know
I hope you girls have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Two Favorites Brands of BB Creams

Hello Makeup Lovers,
Last summer I bought a BB Cream from Estee Lauder for about $36.00 and I just fell in love with it. It’s about everything a busy girl needs. I wrote all about it this post right here ---->
As much as I loved this BB cream I knew I had to find a different kind of brand that I could afford to get again and again when it was time for a new tube of BB Cream.
Right before my Estee Lauder BB Cream ran out, I had to go find a drug store brand of BB Cream that was just as good as this cream or better.
I went to the wonderful world of Wal-Mart and found two BB Creams I wasn't so sure which one to buy. So I brought Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream and I fell in love with it, I’ve been using this cream since January. I can't really remember when I brought this cream, anyways I just ran out about two weeks ago and I then brought L’Oreal’s Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I fell in love with that BB Cream too. Hahaha!
These two BB Creams work really well for drug store bands but they don't cover as good as the Estee Lauder BB Cream because this cream seems to be a lot thicker than the drug store ones.
It's not a big deal because if I really wanted more coverage then I would just use my foundation instead.
I believe I got these creams for about $7.00 or $8.00, not bad compare to paying almost $40.00!
That is just so cray cray! lol
Here are the facts about these BB Creams:
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light/Medium:
 photo 001-5_zps56729075.jpg
This gives me a nice dewy finish that wakes up my tried skin so no one can tell that I been up all night blogging.
It has no oils. Thank god!
This cream also....
Blurs imperfections
Brightens the skin
Evens skin tone
Hydrates and enhances the skin
Well this cream is an overachiever
L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in light:
 photo lorc3a9al-paris-magic-skin-beautifier-bb-cream-light_zps1a80232b.png
This cream may not seem as hard working as the other cream because this one has no SPF and only has four beauty benefits instead of eight, but I do feel that this cream covers up a little better.
This cream is like the magician of BB Creams. It comes out all white but once you rub this into your skin it turns into the color of your skin. I thought this was the coolest thing in the world the other day lol.
Here are the four beauty benefits you get from this little tube
Perfects the skin
This cream also has vitamins C and E in it. These vitamins are known to help protect the skin from the sun. They also do a lot more then that but this would be the longest post ever. Maybe I will write about that in my next post. Let me know if you girls what to know more about why vitamins are so good for your skin.
Here are the before and after pictures so you girls see how well these creams work.
 photo 001255x340_zpsf4d81719.jpg
After with L'Oreal's BB Cream
 photo 002255x340_zps87f2f1ea.jpg
After with Maybelline BB Cream
 photo 001-5_zps214f465a.jpg
I hope this has helped anyone who wanted to try a drug store BB Cream. If you girls wanted to know about the CC Creams no worries I will be writing about them as soon as I try one out.
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Summer Daytime Look!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!
 photo 005255x340_zps08bae6c7.jpg
Here is a nice summer look that I have been doing on myself lately. You don't have to put on your makeup as heavy as I did in this picture because I just wanting to make sure you girls can see the look.
Not only is this look quick and easy but it will also look good with any eye color.
Here is how I did this pretty summer day look:
For the face:
I applied Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream by L'Oreal Paris all over my face.
This stuff works really well but make sure you use a face moisturizer with SPF 15 in it because this BB Cream does not have any SPF.
I then took my all-time favorite bronzer which is the Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder and used that as a blush.
I also applied a light gold shimmer eye shadow right on top of where I put the bronzer for that nice I been out in the sun all day look.
That is pretty much it for the face; well I did add concealer to hide my awful zits. :(
For the Eyes:
I took a taupe color eye shadow with a blending brush and swipe it along the crease and I also applied a little bit of a dark brown eye shadow on top of it.
I then applied a sand color eye shadow called Sand Dune by Yaby all over the eyelid. I am so in love with this color!
I added some brown eye shadow along the lash line with an angle brush.
To keep the eyes big and bright I used a vanilla color eyeliner for my waterlines and of Crouse I top off the eye with some black mascara.
For the lips:
For a little pop of color I used a pink color lipstick with some nude lip gloss.
That's it to the look. I hope you girls give this look a try.
 photo 006255x340_zps7df3f08b.jpg
 photo 012-3_zps2ad36db6.jpg
 photo 010-4_zps8b07c7a3.jpg
What are you girls up to this summer? Are any of you going on any awesome vacations? I am going to Mexico in July, I can't wait!!!
I hope you have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Off The Topic: The Fast Metabolism Diet Book Review

Heyy Makeup Lovers
I am sorry but this post will not be about anything to do with makeup. This is about a book I am reviewing for I hope you girls like this post anyways. Thank you for reading. :)
The Fast Metabolism Book Review
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Shespeaks/Fast Metabolism Diet. sent me a copy of the book to read and write a review about the book.
 photo 9780307986276_p0_v4_s260x420_zps18141057.jpg
A few months ago sent me a diet book called “The Fast Metabolism Diet” by Haylie Pomroy who is a highly respected
nutritionist due to her very successful diet program that has helped so many people lose up to twenty pounds in four weeks. I was
supposed to do this diet along with this review but I already take good care of my body and mind by working out, eating normal
healthy meals, and by drinking lots of water. Two years ago I decide to stop dieting and make a life style change. What is the
different between a diet and a life style change?
The difference between a diet and a life style change is instead of having my weight yo-yoing between 10lbs and 20lbs by being on
fad diets I decide to work out four times a week and eat normal healthy meals to stay on a healthy normal weight that I am happy
with. I wanting to live my life by enjoying it not by worrying about how much I am going to weigh in the morning. That is what diet does, they make you worry and think about food way too much.
If you really want to lose weight and keep if off by doing this program then you have to tell yourself that you are making a life
style change and you will not go back to your bad eating habits. The truth is you can’t just do this diet for four weeks and all
your weight problems will be over with. To keep the weight off for good, you will have to eat right and workout for the rest of
your life and for a lot of people they don’t like that concept. A lot of people don’t like to work out and they rather eat a whole
cake then just a piece. A lot of people don’t want to try. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I’m just being honest on what I have seen and learn.
I also believe that when woman see the word fast and diet on the same book of course people are going to buy it because they think
it’s a fast way out of their troubles and when they read it those women will be disappointed. The reason why? It’s a lot of work.
You have to fellow her rules and her plan. You can’t have coffee, alcohol, or any diet soda. For the first time you do this diet
you cannot cheat at all because she says then your metabolism won’t heal right, but then after you lose whatever how much you
wanted then you can have a little piece of cake if you wanted to.
Just like Pomroy I believe in eating a colorful diet and eating breakfast in the first half hour you wake up. We believe to eat
three meals and two snacks a day. She does say things in her book that are helpful to changing your lifestyle but her diet I’m not
so sure about it. She believes in eating a colorful diet in Phases but for not every day.
This is how her diet plan works:
Phase 1 (Monday-Tuesday):
Lots of carbs and fruits
Phase 2 (Wednesday-Thursday):
Lots of proteins and veggies
Phase 3 (Friday- Sunday):
All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils
I’m not saying this is a bad plan because it has helped many people lose weight so it says in her book but I believe in eating a
colorful diet every day. Eat your fruits, veggies, good crabs, and proteins every day. It’s good for you and why can’t that kind of
diet help fix people metabolism? Why do people need to lose the weight so fast? I thought the slower you lose the weight the less likely the weight would come back.
One more thing I don’t agreed about his diet program is her work out plan. I mean it’s good for people who don’t really workout but
it is really a pain for the ones who do and love it. I love to work out because it eases my stress and gives me energy and I am also a runner.
This is her plan:
On Phase 1 (Monday - Tuesday)
Just do cardio on one or both of those days
On Phase 2 (Wednesday – Thursday)
Just weight lifting
On Phase 3 (Friday – Sunday)
Yoga or get a message
I’m sorry I cannot just do cardio for three days because I am training for a half marathon.
I not trying to say this diet is bad or anything, it just doesn’t work for me. Every body’s body is different; I sometimes don’t
understand why we have to have this miracle diet to get people to lose weight. I just highly believe in eating a normal diet. If you
are craving sugar why not pick up an apple or any of your favorite fruits. Why can’t people make small choices every day that will help them in the long run? Why do we need these big break though diet to help get people to motivate them to help better themselves? People should want to better themselves for them and for their family so they can live a long and highly life. In my conclusion I believe if a person makes small choices in their diet everyday if will help them in a big way in the long run.
Here is all of Haylie Pomroy Info.
Facebook page:
Program Hashtag: #FastMetabolismDiet
Have a good day or night. :)

Makeup Look Of the Night!!!!: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 photo 085254x340_zpsb3ac15f3.jpg
Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I wanted to do a fun girls night out look but I didn't really wanted to do the average smokey eye. I just wanted to do something different and funky.
It’s kind of like a purple smokey eye but then there’s a pop of pink going on in the middle of the eye and a light pop of pink in the tear ducts.
This is not your everyday kind of makeup but its fun and there is nothing wrong with that!
If you want to try this fun night out look then please read on to find out how to do it.
It's really kind of easy to do because just like Smokey eyes no one can see if you made a mistake or not.
It's all about blending with these kinds of looks.
Get your blending brushes out!!!!
I did my eye makeup before I did my face because I have to clean up around the eyes after.
Like always I apply my concealer and powder on my eyes.
I took a white cream base and apply it all over the lids and up to my brow bone.
Don't use to much of the white cream base because it can crease when you use to much of the product
A little goes a long way.
I took a pencil like shape brush to apply the purple eye shadows to the outer and inner corners of the eyes.
DO not put any purple in the middle of the eyelids.
With a clean flat eye shadow brush I apply a bright pink eye shadow to the middle of the eyelids.
This is where you get your pop of pink!
I then added a pink shimmer eye shadow on top of the pink.
You don't have to do this part; I just thought it would make the look more fun.
If you do this look just keep in mind you might have to apply a little more purple on after you put on the pink eye shadows.
With these kinds of looks the eye shadows fade a little when you layer on colors like this.
When you are all set applying the colors, you need to take your blending brush and blend the colors together that are in your crease.
Mostly the purple will show in the crease.
After that I took a clean eye shadow brush and apply a white eye shadow on top of the brow bone to add a nice highlight.
For the tear ducts I added a nice light pink color to them.
Then I took the same bright pink color that I used in middle of my eyelids and took it underneath my eyes and stop in the middle of my lower lash line.
Then I continue with the purple eye shadow that I used for my corners and stop at the outer of the lower lash line.
I took my waterproof black eyeliner pencil and line the top lash lines and my water lines.
To finish off the eyes I added black mascara to my eyelashes.
For the Face:
Frist things first I took a makeup remover wipe and clean up underneath my eyes because there was so much fallout from the eye shadows.
Sense I got so much color going on with my eyes I just went nude with the face and lips because If I did like pink blush or/and pink lips I will look like a clown!!!
If you want to look like a clown then go ahead and go crazy with all the pinks and purples. hahaha
Just kidding
All I did was my usually face makeup routine and added a pink and gold highlight powder to my cheekbones.
For the lips I apply a concealer and top it off with a pinky nude lip gloss.
If you don't like the purple and the pink then used whatever colors you like.
For example you can use blue eye shadows with a pop of gold and so on. :)
I hope you girls enjoy this look.
 photo 084254x340_zps5298fcb0.jpg
 photo 082254x340_zps540fe475.jpg
 photo 081254x340_zps4a8ded17.jpg
Have a good day or night.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.