Thursday, January 31, 2013

Off The Subject: My Brothers' Wedding


Hey Makeup Lovers!!


Saturday January 26, 2013 was a cold but beautiful day filled with nerves, love, laughter, hope, and all the wonderful emotions you would feel on such a special occasion like this one. It's funny looking back on the night before I was so worried that I wouldn’t be ready on time because of my thick hair, and thought it would take the hair dresser so long do it and I wouldn’t have time to do my makeup the way I wanted to. The reason why it’s so funny was because I was done with both my hair and makeup by 9:30am and we weren’t leaving to go to the church until about 1:00pm. So I ended up helping out by doing makeup on a few ladies and helped out the makeup artist there by putting on the eye lashes for her so she could go to the next girl because we were running out of time. It was both crazy and fun for me, I love doing makeup for people but I was nervous when the girls kept asking me to put eyelashes on them because I still have trouble putting them on my own eyes, but come to find out it is so much easier to put them on other people then trying to put them on your own eyes. Sarah (My now sister-in-law) was apologizing for asking me to help out with the makeup and eyelashes but this is what I really like to do, its fun for me. If I could do it as a full time job I would. No doubt about it! I would have brought my makeup kit if I knew I was going to do makeup on a few people but thank god I have so much makeup and just one little face hahaha. After all the craziness and everybody was all beautified, we all pack into the limo and then we were on our way to the church where everybody was waiting for the gorgeous bride!
The ceremony was a beautiful and emotional hour. During the ceremony I couldn’t help but think how much both Sarah and Eric (my awesome brother) reminded me of price William and Kate. I don’t know if it was the singing or Sarah long vail and train coming from her beautiful mermaid dress. Or maybe it was the way they were sitting with their backs towards us and holding each other’s hands just like William and Kate.
After both the ceremony and the pictures were taken both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all pack in the limo and off to the reception. When I first walk into the ballroom it took my breath away. It looked like something you would see on “My Fair Wedding” on WE TV. It almost made me believe I walked into a silver winter wonderland with a hint of crystal on the tables and on the cake. The nights seem to fly by after my tasty almond crusted chicken!!! Over all I think everyone had a good time. I know I did with all the dancing, drinking, taking pictures at the photo booth, and catching the bouquet!

Here are some more pictures from the wedding.
The head table
The newlyweds!!
Me!!! I will post about the makeup look I did that day in my next blog post. :)
I love this picture of us but I don"t remeber taking it. haha
Sorry that this blog post wasn't about my normal makeup stuff I just wanted to share this awesome wedding with all of you.
Have a good day or night.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Differentt Kinds Of Eyeliners: Part Two

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!

I am back with the hardest eyeliners out there, especially for people are just getting started with makeup. If you are still having a hard time with the eyeliners that I wrote about in part one then you should just keep trying those before jumping into the ones that I’m writing about in this entry. Now let’s whip out our eyeliner brush and get our hands and lash lines dirty. :-)

Photobucket Photobucket

Liquid and Cream Eyeliner:
If you are not into the soft smudgy look that the eye shadows and pencils gives you then you are in luck! Both the liquid and cream eyeliners give you the dramatic eye that you have seen in magazines, movies, and so on. The darker the eyeliner is then the more dramatic and older you are going to look. If have a more mature look then most likely you are not going to want that at all, but if you like this form of eyeliner because of its long lasting power then just go for a lighter color instead of using the classic black. Using colors like brown, gray, or bronze will give you a less harsh and younger look then Mr. Black. :-) I think the best brand choice for my more mature readers are the Color Tattoos by Maybelline. They come in so many not so harsh colors that will stay on all day. I like those way more than the liquid eyeliner because it is less messy and so much easier to apply on the eyes. And you can also use these as an eye shadow base too.

To apply these eyeliners, take your angle eyeliner brush with the color you desire and start with a really small line on the inner corner of the lash line, then make your small lines and then connect them on your way to the outer corner of the eye. As you’re making your way to the outer corner make sure you make your line thicker. You always want your eyeliner thicker on the outer corners. Then if you want a wing look, then just flick an eyeliner brush upwards. Remember practice makes perfects. So don't get upset if you can't do it on your first time. I still have trouble doing the wing out look. But just keep doing it and you will get there.
If you are having a hard time using both kinds of eyeliners I highly suggest you to go out and buy an eyeliner pen. Don't worry it will give you the same dramatic eye look as the other two but you will be in more control of pen. Believe it or not that is what I used when I first started using eyeliner. I got mine from target for $1 by ELF.:) It is just like a sharpie for eyes.


One last tip for you girls that prefer the liquid eyeliner. Forget about using the little brush it comes with. It's crap and I don't want you to struggle and waste your time with it. Like I've said before the angle eyeliner brush is awesome! You have so much more control with it,and it will be much easier to learn how to get a dramatic eyeliner look.

I hope this was very helpful for girls that want to be eyeliner superstars!!
I am sorry to say that this will be my last blog post for the week because I have so much to do in the next two days to get ready for my big brother's wedding this weekend.:) But I can assure you that I will be back on the keys on Sunday. Pray for no snow on Saturday so my brother and my future sister-in-law can say I do.

Have a good day or night!

Makeup Look of the Days!: Blue Sea Eyes and just a Simple Look

Hello Makeup Lovers!!

Before I go back to working on Part two of The Different Kinds of Eyeliners I just want to do a Makeup Look of the Day, well for the past two days lol. I hope you enjoy them.

Look Number One!
Blue Sea Eyes:
I used four different shades of blues from my new Sephora Blockbuster Palette and then I just used a nude lip color from the same palette too. I did nothing for the face because I had soo much going on with the eyes. I had to stop at some point. Well I did used my BB cream by Maybelline but that is all I did with the face.






Look Number Two: A Simple Look!
This is a pretty but simple look that I learned from my favorite makeup artist Kandee Johnson. I will post her video down below. I just loved how light and pretty this look is. And I also loved how quick and easy it is to do.
For the eyes I used an eye shadow that was almost the same skin tone as mine from the Sephora Palette and for the eyeliner I used my $3 Sephora black eyeliner pencil.
I stayed light with the face again by using my BB Cream and added a light pink blush and light gold highlighter to add a nice glow to the face. And for the grand finale I used my new favorite lipstick ever!! The Yves Sanit Laurent ROUGE PUR COUTURE SPF15 - Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in 7 Le Fuchsia. :)


Here are more kisses for you!!

Here is the simple look that I learned from Kandee.

I hope you have an awesome day or night!
Ps let me know if you want me to make a makeup tutorial for the Blue Sea Look. Can't you tell I'm wishing for the summer days?

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Many Different Kinds of Eyeliners


Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
I wrote this once before but I guess the words ran away from this page haha. They want nothing to do with me.
Since I know some of you are beginners with putting on makeup, I thought I should write about what I believe is one of the harder parts of doing makeup: perfecting your eyeliner. There are many different kinds of eyeliners, ranging from different textures and colors, to even ways to put them on. It is not very easy to put on when you don’t do it all the time. The only way you can ever get better with eyeliners is keep using them. Remember practice makes perfect! I would like to share with you are my picks for easiest eyeliners to work with, beginning with the easiest. Don't worry I am not going to make this into one of those long boring blogs because I am going to put them into two parts. :) Yay Remember, this is what I think and what I was working with, if you disagree, that's fine, but all ladies have different feelings about makeup

Eye shadow:
Now I'm sure everyone of you out there has at least one black and one brown eye shadow. However, whether or not all of you have an eyeliner brush is debatable. If you don't have one, I highly suggest investing in one. It will be one of the best things you have done. I'll tell you which ones I used in about a minute. Also you can use any color of eye shadow you want, I like to use blue as a fun eyeliner look.
For the softer look, take a small angled brush and dip it into the eye shadow of your choice. Next, start from the outer corner of the top and bottom lash into the inner corner of the eye. Just make a thin line for the top lash line. For the bottom, I suggest you take a smudge brush and smudge it under the eye. For a fuller lash line just take a angled eyeliner brush, dip it into the eye shadow and run it along the lash line. Sounds easy right...
Well that’s because it is! And if you want a more intense look just add more eye shadow!

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Small angled Brush

Eyeliner Pencil:

I’m sure you all have at least one eyeliner pencil. You may find this funny but for years I thought that the pencil was the only form of eye liner! Needless to say I was quite shocked to find that there was an entire new world of various eyeliners! Although I could play with all the different eyeliners, my old standby will always be the black pencil because of its ease of use. An easy trick to apply this is to start at the outer corner of both the top and bottom lash line and make little dots along the lash line. Next, connect all the dots to make a perfect line. Well nothing is ever perfect, but this will work a lot better than drawing a straight line. To make it look even better, take an eyeliner brush and blend the line(s) you just made to make it look like a more solid line, and also hide any mistakes.
Oh before I forget, here is a quick tip for all eyeliners: Always begin with a very small line and then build from that. You are less likely to make mistakes by doing this. Believe me I have done it a few times. :(

I hope these tips and tricks will help you get your perfect eyeliner look so far. I would love to go on more about eyeliners but it is way past my bedtime and have to up at 5:30am tomorrow. eek!! But no worries, I will have the second part up by Monday or Tuesday.
I hope you have a good day or night! And I also hope it is warm where you are because I am freezing.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Best Lipstick Ever!!

ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in 9 Caress Pink $34.00

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!

For the past few weeks I have wanted this really awesome lipstick that beauty bloggers and youtubers have been raving about. It is just the most softest lipstick I have ever tried onto my lips and it makes your lips feel like silk. And the packaging is soo pretty too. Every time I go into a Sephora I walk right towards the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Silky Sensual Radiant Lipsticks and pick up the color Caress Pink in number 9 which is this really pretty pink raspberry color that I have fallen in love with. But I promise myself that I wouldn't be one of those crazy makeup people that would pay $34.00 on a lipstick! Even if it did went on like butter. unfortunately, I am a crazy makeup person hahaha. Well kind of. Here’s my story, my friend Ally give me a $25 gift card to Sephora for Christmas. Sooo I thought I would just get that lipstick because it would be one of those times that I could afford it and I couldn't stop thinking about the color and how smooth it was. All I would have to pay was $9.00, better then $34.00 right? But apparently it seemed that everybody loved that one color too! Just my luck! I kind of like this bubble gum pink color but I wasn't in love with it. I was in love with Cares pink because it was also the right color for me. But Sephora was all sold out of it. Blah! That is also what one of the ladies that work there said too. I told her I'll just get the bubblegum pink one but she said it was "to much of a teenager color for me." "I know we have that same color in Nars that I could show you, o wait how about this one", they are the same color just in a different tube". So I ended up buying the Rouge Pur Couture Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in Le Fuchsia in number 7. It’s the same color by the same company. It just wasn't as silky as their Rouge Silky Sensual Radiant Lipsticks but it is still very smooth and creamy. Both of these lipsticks are very pigmented and have SPF 15 in them. They both are a great buy and are awesome products for the price. If you don’t believe me then go to a Sephora near you and play with theses lipsticks, you won’t be disappointed. I thought other bloggers were crazy for paying almost $40 on a lipstick until I went to the store and found out how awesome they were myself. If you have Sephora gift Cards or extra spending money then you need to get one of these lipsticks, well you should try to get the Rouge Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick if they have your color. But if they don’t have your color just have one of the Sephora workers help you find your color in the Rouge Pur Couture Pure Colour Satiny Radiance, they are almost just as good and they smell like flowers too lol. You also should get a lip liner with these lipsticks so they won’t smudge on you. I got one for $5 in 17 funky Fuchsia by Sephora. I ended up paying $14 for two things instead of paying almost $40 for one thing. Yay For gift cards! :)

This is the one that I got.
ROUGE PUR COUTURE SPF15 - Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in 7 Le Fuchsia $32.00

Hope you have a good day or night!
Love from your crazy makeup lover!! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!

Before I get into my blog I just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year!!! Hopefully this year will be better than the last. Also what are your new year's resolutions? I also wanted to let you girls know that I have been blogging but my last two blogs that I wrote somehow got deleted errrr! I did a long blog post last night but I got tried so I thought I would just save it and proof read it the next day but nope it is all gone :(. Well there was a few words but that was all that was saved. I’m so sad right now, but no worries I will be working on my blog tonight and tomorrow night but they won’t be up until Saturday morning or night. Hopefully I will have two blogs up by then. And writing blogs is not a quick and easy thing to do. It takes a few hours to do all the typing, proof reading, taking pictures, uploading pictures, and editing the pictures. So when my blog post that I work so hard on gets lost it makes me want to cry. Back to the keyboard for me and wish me luck on not losing my blog post again Hahaha. Hope you had an awesome charismas and New Years! Have a good day or night.