Monday, November 24, 2014

Makeup Look of the Night: Show and Tell!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I was going to tell you guys what I did to get this pretty sparkle with pops of greens smoky eyes but I did this look over a week ago and I kind of forgot what I did. I feel like I’m forgetting a lot more lately, I think it’s because I have a lot going on. I am planning a wedding, got my first home this year, and I became an aunt over a week ago. I just have way too much to think about to remember anything lol. I do remember I used lots of shimmery greens with a hint of grays and gold’s. I have to start posting my makeup looks the day of or after from now on if I can't remember what I did. Since this is such a pretty and fun night out look I am going to post it anyways even if I can't tell you what I did. But maybe this can be a fun challenge for you guys. Try to remake this look just by looking at it. That’s what I usually do when I see a look I like in a magazine cover or on TV by using what you have. Most of the time my looks don't look like what’s in the pictures but who cares I made a whole new look that I made into my own style. I like be different anyways, who wants everything to look the same. Makeup is about showing off your own style and being comfortable in it.
I am going to stop writing and begin showing off this fun smoky eye look!

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I will do a show and tell post of the looks you send me!
I hope you have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!
My mom and I are so addicted to our monthly subscription Ipsy bags that we look forward to it as soon we see Ipsy take the $10 out of our checking accounts. We are like ooooo our bags are coming soon!! I got my mom addicted to them as soon as she saw all the cool fun products I got. I shared my bag with her at first, I would give her the creams she really wanted to try but after two months she just got her own. Most of the time we get different things in our bags so we trade the products that we don't really like. It’s so much fun because it is like getting a gift every month even though we are paying for it. Ipsy is still my favorite Makeup subscription but my mom found another awesome one that I think everyone will love.
Now there are so many different beauty products subscription out there but I never really paid much attention to the others because they are more money than Ipsy bags. You can't beat $10.00 a month!
When I moved into my new home my mom ended up sending me a 3 month beauty product subscription called GLOSSYBOX! Well it was supposed to be a surprise gift but she got sooo excited about sending the boxes that she ended up texting me about it that day lol. She told me about this box while she was helping me move to my new home and was saying how her friend got an Alex and Ani bracelet in her box along with products that are worth up to hundreds of dollars. That would totally make my day if I had gotten something like that in my box.
That's what's kind of unique about this beauty box and most of these give you a fun surprise gift worth about 20 or 30 dollars like a gift card jewelry, or a fun nail polish.
I didn't get a fun surprise in my last box but it was still full of really nice products that I could never afford on my own.
Most of these products are in deluxe samples sizes but there were a good amount of product in them for me to try out and see if I would like them. In most cases I would!
If I didn’t just move into my new home or saving for a wedding I would totally jump from Ipsy to Glossy Box because I feel like the stuff that you get in these boxes are worth the $21 a mouth! Well most likely I would do both of the beauty subscriptions lol. I love both of them.
The cool thing about Glossy Box is that you can send them as a gift to someone you care about and just make their day because what girl doesn't enjoy a pink box full beauty goodies in it.
Here are some of the things I got!

I did have pictures of another box I had gotten but I accidentally deleted them from my phone one day. Don't ask me how I did but I did!
If you want to know more or want to see what kinds of awesome goodies are in these boxes then head on over to
You will love it
This would also make the perfect Christmas gift to any makeup lover!
I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know I did I got to meet my newborn niece this weekend, I have to say this was one of the best weekends I had!!
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Makeup Look of the Night: 60s Eyes

Hey Makeup lovers!!!!!
I did this look a few weeks ago and it reminded me of the 60s makeup, I know it doesn't look like it full on because I wasn't trying to do any kind of 60s makeup look. I just wanting a fun sparkly pink eye to go out in. I do like this look I created but not on me. I feel like it made my eyes look super huge and felt like it just wasn't a good look on me but I did like the style of it a lot. Also the thing I should have done but I forgot because I was in a rush was to fill in my eyebrows I just feel like they look super thin and just not right lol. Most of the time I will do a different look on myself unless I'm going to a wedding or getting my pictures taking than I will do a look that I know looks awesome on me. When I go out at night I love doing fun and crazy looks that I can't get away with during the day. It's fun and that’s what this look is all about, fun and girly.
If you want to know how to get my version of 60s eye makeup then please keep on reading!

For the Eyes:
As always applied on your favorite eye primer and if you want your pink to pop then make sure you apply on a white base onto the eyelid. I used NYX pencil in Milk.
Then take a matte pink eye shadow with a flat eye shadow brush and pat it onto your lids.
Take a light shimmer pink eye shadow and add that onto the matte pink color.
apply a matte white onto your brow bones for that nice highlight.
Take a crease or blending brush and mix a gray with a burgundy eye shadow and apply it into your crease. After you are done cutting into your crease make sure you blend it out.
Most likely you will need to add more of the shimmer pink onto your eye lids.
For the tear ducts add a fun sliver eye shadow and also add some into your inner corners of the eyes. If you do not like the silver idea then used a fun shimmer white color instead.
To add some drama to your look apply a thin line of liquid or cream eye liner. As you can tell in the picture I am not great with the liquid liner but that’s because I never really used that kind of product a lot. The more you used liquid liner the better you will be at it. I’ve been using liquid liner more lately because I want to get better at it since I want to do makeup for weddings.
Don’t forget to applied on your favorite mascara to your lashes and black eyeliner onto your water line
That's pretty much it, I'm not getting into the face because I have been doing the same face makeup with most of my looks. I also forgot what lip products I have used that night but if I do remember I will updated this post!
What do you girls think of this look? Like it, love it, or hate it?
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!!