Saturday, March 29, 2014

Makeup Looks of the Day: Two in One Color of the Year makeup Look

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!
The look that I did for the color of the year ended up looking like more of a fun night club or a photo short kind of look but I also made it into a nice wearable look for the girls that wanting a fun but wearable color of the wear look.
I wasn't trying to do a crazy look it just ended up looking that way. I never really know what to expect when I am creating a new look. Sometimes it will turn out awesome and there are other times when my makeup can look scary and not wearable for day time. It's all good because when it comes to makeup there are no rules but to just have fun with it.
Color of the year Makeup look number one!

For the eyes :
This is going to sound crazy but after I applied primer all over my eyes I took some scotch tape and placed it at the bottom of the outer corners of my eyes.
This will help me get the cat eyes shape. If you are an artist and can create cat eyes without any tape then you don't have to do this step but for the ones who are not artist like me then this will help you big time.
After I applied the tape I took an eyeliner brush dip it into a nice pretty purple eye shadow by Tarte and kind of draw a triangle shape by drawing a line from the middle of my eyes right above the crease and stop right the end of wear I place the tape.
I applied more of the purple eye shadow inside of my triangle by patting it in with a flat eye shadow brush.
I added a lighter shiny purple onto the middle of my eyes and blending some into the darker purple.
For my inner corner and tear ducts I applied a pretty pale pink eye shadow with a hint of shine into it. I also blend that color into the lighter purple.
I just added a matte nude color onto my brow bones to make the edges of my eye shadow look a little neater and cleaner.
After I peal of the tape I blend the edges out a little and then added more of that purple and then I went underneath my lower lash with the same color to complete my cat eyes.
I applied the light purple eye shadow onto the middle of my lower lash lines.
I added black eyeliner to my top lash lines and my waterlines and last but not least I applied two coats of mascara but this look would look a lot better with false lashes.
For the face :
After I applied my foundation all I really did was add bronzer to my temples, on my cheeks, and on my jawline. Sense I already had so much color going on with my eyes I didn’t really wanted to add any pink blush on to my cheeks. That would have just been over killed on the pinks. I also added some highlighter onto my cheek bones for that nice glow.
I can never really complete any look with a nice glow to it. It’s just something about it.
For the lips :
I just added a nude pink lip gloss to the lips.
Look number two!

You pretty much do the same thing but without the tape and use more of your blending brushes. I got so many comments on how pretty this looks was when I went out to lunch on Friday.
To get this look all I really did was wipe off my triangle and add some of the purple back into the outer edges of my eyes and then blending all of the colors together. It’s kind of like a Smokey eye but brighter.
To add a little more fun to the look I just applied a fuchsia pink color onto my lips.
If you don’t like the pink lips with the purple and pink eyes then just wear a nude lip color. Whatever works for you!
I hope you girls like my version of color of the year!!
Have a good day or night!!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Makeup Trick: How to Foil Eyeshadows

Hey makeup Lovers!!!!!
Out of all the makeup tips and tricks I have learn I think this one that I'm about to write about is the coolest and funnest one I know. When I have no clue on what look I want to do, I will foil one of my eye shadows that I love at the moment and ta-da I have a cool and awesome look in a matter of minutes.
What is foiling eye shadows?
Foiling eye shadows is when you take any one of your eye shadows and turn it into a metallic or wet finish. This trick is super easy and fun to do.
How do you foil eye shadows?

Wet any one of your eye shadow brushes and then dip it into any eye shadows you want to foil. You can foil both press and loose shadows.

With press shadow just wet a small area of the shadow and swirl it until you get a nice metallic paint mixture going on. It is almost like watercolor painting where you have to wet your paint brush and the paint a few times before you get the amount of color and paint you want. So cool right?
You can do the same thing with the loose eye shadows but you just have to mix some of the eye shadow and water into the cover or cap of the product so you don’t ruined your eye shadow.
After you make your pretty mixture you just apply it to the lids however you want.

Set how it looks like paint!

Look at this awesomeness right here.
See how pretty that looks and it was easy as 123.
Here how it looks with a complete makeup look.

See how easy that is to do!
I hope you will give this fun trick a try.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Makeup Look of the Day: Day at the Beach!

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
On Friday I got this cool fun artsy Ipsy bag in the mail filled with beauty goodies that made me think of summer. The makeup products not the bag. The bag made me think of colorful cells because well that's what the pattern looks like on the bag.

BE A BOMBSHELL COSMETICS eye shadow in bora bora
This little cute eye shadow set reminds me a beach on a hot summer day and that's why my makeup look of the day is called day at the beach. Even though I came up with this fun look, there are so many different looks you can do with these eye shadows. This is so perfect for summer time!
If you are really missing the beach like I am then please read on to learn the Day at the Beach makeup look. It may not be the same but at least you can have a fun beach shimmery look.
For the Eyes:
After I applied eye primer all over the eyes I then added a matte white shadow with a hint of pink in it all over the eyelids and brow bones so the colors can blend more easily.
I wanted my crease to look like a sunset over the blue ocean kind of thing so to get that I first applied the eye shadow Nooner (medium pinky-brown matte) from the naked3 palette into and above the crease. I added the bottom two colors from the bora bora set on top of the Nooner eye shadow to help create that sunset I wanted.
For the lid I added the pretty green blue eye shadow all over but make sure to leave some of the inner corner alone so you can add a light pretty golden sand color onto the inner corners and tear ducts of the eyes. I used the shadow from the bottom right of my bora bora set. I love saying and writing this name for some reason. Haha!
Some of the blue might get into the crease little so just blend it in by using a blending brush and reapply some of the sunset mixture back into it.
For the brow bones I used my favorite highlighter which is the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle but if you feel like there is too much shimmy going on then try to use a matte eye shadow that is almost the same skin tone as yours, if you don’t have that then just use a matte white shadow.
For underneath the lower lash lines I added the pretty sunset color from the bottom left of my bora bora set.
To keep the blue green color going I use my Urban Decay 24/7 GLIDE-ON EYE PENCIL in Deep End (bright metallic peacock shimmer) onto my top lash lines.
I was going to use brown eyeliner for my water lines but I went with my really black eyeliner instead because I like the way it looks on me. People say black liner looks too harsh on me but I don’t think so.
Of course I used BareMinerals Lash Domination for my eyelashes.
For the face:
I used a BB Cream this time instead of my CC Cream because my face has been breaking out a little. My face does that when the season changes so it’s all good, it just means spring is on its way. Yay!!
I did not use a face powder this time because my face has been dry too and I didn’t want to look like cake.
I applied bronzer onto my temples, under my cheek bones, on my jawline, and onto my cheeks because I wanted that nice beach glow.
I added my Mac highlighter onto my cheekbones, forehead and a little on my nose.
For the lips:
I applied the BareMinerals lipstick that I also got in my Ispy bag called Get Ready(warm rosy pink) and I top it off a Pop Lip gloss called Peony Petal(Pink rose)

That's my Day at the Beach Look, I hope you love it.
I hope you have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Makeup block (writer's block)

Hey makeup lovers!!!!
So tonight is one of my blogging nights but I kind of got a makeup block (writer's block) tonight. I mean I have makeup products and looks I want to write about; I just can't seem to pick one. I am also a little overwhelmed lately because my boyfriend and I are in the process of buying a home together and I just been busier thinking about house and wedding stuff more then makeup. I think that's why I am having trouble picking a subject to write about tonight so I thought this would be a good night to just write an update lol. I haven’t really wrote an updated a while now. I mean so much has happen sense my last updated, I'm planning a wedding, buying a home for the first time, and I got my wedding dress about two weeks ago. I can't really give any details about my dress because my boyfriend reads my posts but I can promise you it is really pretty. I think all wedding dresses are pretty in their own way, it just has to fit the person's style. I got to tell you after months of looking up wedding dress on Pinterest, TheKnot, and Bing all the dresses were beginning to look the same to me. Until I put on about ten dresses and I felt like they looked so different but every single one of those dresses looked so beautiful and I was afraid I was going to have a hard time picking only one. Once I put on about the 7th one on that's when I knew I found the dress. I knew even when I tried on the last two dresses. It's funny how it just happens just like that. I knew once I look into the mirror and I said I love this dress! It just seem perfect to me and that's all I can tell you about my dress. The fact that it is just perfect for me!
I think that's it for my updated.
I'm sorry if you girls were looking forward to any fun makeup post tonight but there will be some fun ones this weekend. Most likely makeup look of the day or color of the year look maybe. I'm still thinking about how to create this look, I'm not sure if I want it to be a bold eye or lips. What would you girls like to see more in the color of the year look? Bold lips, face, or eyes?
I would love to hear what you girls would like to see more.
I hope you girls have a good day or night!
Sorry for my makeup block (writer's block).
Much love from you crazy makeup lover!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

BareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I am not the kind of girl who would just buy an overpriced mascara that wasn't sure if it was good or not but I am the kind of girl who would buy one if all the other ones she wanted was sold out!
I was hoping to get my hands on the Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara because I have been craving for it since the day it came out but I would tell myself no every time I went to Ulta and get something cheaper or something that I need. So when I was at the store this pass Sunday I decide to get that mascara sense I ran out of my Volume' Express The Falsies Mascara by Maybelline that is still my all-time favorite but it’s going to be hard to go back to when I found something way better. I wish I could say it was the Too Faced mascara but unfortunately it was all sold out that day, of course it would be sold out on the day I deiced to buy the stupid pink tube that every beauty blogger and YouTuber is talking about. It didn't bother me too much because I thought that I'll just get the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara because I knew that one works really well but that one was sold out too. So I did something I would never ever do but I was getting mad that everything I wanted to buy was sold out so when I walk by the BareMinerals Lash Domination display that was setup in the middle of the store I just grab one of their Mascaras went up to the checkout line and went home with a Mascara that I haven't heard anything about. I'm the kind of girl that has to read about a product or try a simple before I spend any money on products but I guess I do crazy things when I get mad. Lol!
The good thing about this Mascara that I didn't want at first is that it works like a dream. Now I not sure if it is better than the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara but I do know it does what it says for the most part. I mean it has smudge on me when I first applied it to my lashes but ounces it dries it won't. I feel like the wade is a little too big maybe that is why it's a little messy but it could just me. Other than that I think this product does what it says and I am so glad everything else was sold out that day because I never would have gotten this one in the first place. There is a reason for everything.
I guess I should tell you girls why this Mascara is so awesome! Not only does the Lash Domination Volumizes but it also has nine other benefits to help you get "larger-than-life lashes" that any girl has ever wanted.
Here are the ten benefits that somehow fit into this edgy silver tube:
All-Day Wear

This product is my new go-to in my morning when I only have 5 minutes to put on some makeup because I feel like it just makes me look more awake and bright eye after two coats, that’s all you need. It just makes my eyelashes so big that it opens up my eyes more. Both the formula and the spiraled 180 wand work so well to give me bold long clump-free lashes that last me all day long. The only thing I do hate but also love about this product is the wand. The wand works awesome and does what it say but it kind of works maybe too well. Are you confused? Let me try to explain why.
When I used this mascara the wand grabs every single eyelash so it can separate them apart and do all its other magic but it will sometimes get caught at the base of my lash and pulls it and then I ended up pointing myself in the eye. I got to tell you this is not a soft brush so it hurts. So if you do buy this mascara just be careful and go slow with it. I think that is my problem because I applied it on a little too fast. That’s all I really have for a con I mean I think this mascara is great and I think you girl should give it a try if you are looking for an awesome mascara that will do what it claims on the box.
This mascara is on the pricey side but it is a few dollars cheaper than the Too Faced and Benefit Cosmetics ones.
You can get BareMinerals Lash Domination for $18.00 at any Ulta and Sephora stores or on their online stores too.
If you want to be smart then head on over to,default,pd.html to get the full size and travel-size mascara for the same price but this one is in the last chance section so that means once it’s sold out it’s gone for good.
To see that I am telling the truth about this mascara, here are some before and after pictures.


I hope you have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Makeup Look of the Day: Bring on the Green

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!!
I wanted to do a bold eye with color in it because I haven’t done that kind of look in a long time and I am really missing my fun colorful looks, what about you guys?
I decide to use one of my Coastal Scents Simple set that I got back in December called Mermaid Party. When I look at this set I think of spring but the name makes me think of the ocean and summer time. The only reason I think of spring is because of that bright pop of green color in this set but the others do make me think of the ocean and mermaids. The reason I think this set makes me think of summer time because oceans remind me of beaches and then of course the beach remind me of summertime!
Even though this set reminds me of both seasons the look that I created remind me of only one. Spring! The pop of green just shows off in this look but I'm not complaining because that's what I wanted. A fun pop of spring look to get me though the last few weeks of winter.
If you need a fun pick me up with a pop of color than please read on to learn how to get this bring on the green spring time look!

Eye Shadow Simple Set in Mermaid Party. From top left to right Indigo and Appletini. From bottom left to right Laguna Green and Arctic Breeze.

I only did my eyes that day because I was going to Ulta to try on some new face products that I have been reading about online.
For the Eyes:
Before anything I applied eye shadow primer to prevent creasing and a white base to help make the colors pop more all over the lids.
I applied bright green color called Appletini all over my lids and up to the crease with a flat eye shadow brush in a patting motion and then I blend it out with my blending brush.
To keep the bright green going I blend more of the green into my crease and above it too.
For some shimmer I added the Laguna Green eye shadow on top of the Appletini green all over the lids.
For a little depth to my eyes I applied the dark Indigo blue into my crease with a Blending Pointed brush and then I blend it out.
For more of that pop of green I added the bight Appletini green underneath my lower lash lines.
Then for that nice fun shimmer highlight I applied the color Arctic Breeze onto my brow bone and tear ducts.
I used a dark green eye shadow for my top lash line and I used a metallic shimmer green onto my waterlines.
Then just applied lots and lots of mascara to compete the look!
This looks also reminds me of St Patty's Day.
What do you girls think name of this look should be? Bring of the green spring time look or St Patty’s Day Look?
I’m going to go with both!

Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!!