Friday, October 18, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Sexy Fall Eyes!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
Yesterday I got my glam bag in the mail but I was a little disappointed because I felt like they went kind of cheap with their products this month. They are still good products but there not the high end products that I was getting when I first subscribe to glam bags that are now called Ipsy.
One of the products that stood out to me was the Wet n Wild Fergie eye shadow palette in Desert Festival that you can get at almost any Walgreens for like $5.00. I thought the colors would make a really pretty fall look that you girls can recreate.

By using all these eye shadows I made this really pretty sexy fall look!

If you have fallen in love with this look then please read on.
For the eyes:
Like always I applied concealer and powder all over the eyes.
I took the orange color and blend it into my crease with a blending brush.
You don't have to do this part but for a good base I applied brown eyeliner with gold glitter in it all over the lids.
I then applied the warm shimmer eye shadow color on the inner corner of the eye lid and then used the smokey brown-black eye shadow on the outer half of the eye lid.
As I was doing this look I kept on blending the colors together.
I applied more of the orange color after all of the blending.
With a small eyeliner brush I applied the lightest color of the palette to my tear ducts and brow bone for a nice shimmer highlight.
With an angle eye liner brush I took the brown color that is in the middle of the palette and applied it to my upper lash line as a the eye liner.
Oh I almost forgot to tell you what I did for under my eyes.
After I applied the shimmer highlight color to my tear ducts I then went under the eyes with the warm shimmer color half way and then continue with the brown-black eye shadow. I then applied the orange color on top of the warm shimmer color.
As always I top off the eyes with black mascara and black eyeliner for my water lines. You can use brown eyeliner for this look but I love my black eyeliner.
For the face:
After I applied my foundation and powder all over I then applied a bronzer to my temples and on my cheeks.
I added a nice shimmer champagne highlighter onto my cheek bones.
For the lips:
I ended up making my own lip color by mixing a bight orange and light peach color together and made this pretty nude peach color with hints of orange. I don't know if that makes any sense but it’s all I got lol.
I hope you like my take on a sexy fall look.
Does this look remind you of fall?
Have a really good weekend!
Much love from you crazy makeup lover.