Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gift Guide for Last Minute shoppers

Hey makeup lovers!!!!
Hey I get it December is a busy mouth with all the holiday decorating, parties, outings with friends and family but then all of a sudden you realize next week is Christmas and forgot to get your best friend or whoever a present!!! NO fear some web sites like Sephora will let you order your gifts by Sunday or Monday and you will get your gifts before Christmas yay. Here are my some of my favorite brands of makeup that I feel would make a great gift!!
Philosophy always has such cute gift sets to go along with their cute names!!
The Gingerbread House Set:

Be careful this set sound so good that you might want to eat it, how can you go wrong with lip glosses and body washes that you might want to take a bite of! This is a good gift for someone who has a big sweet tooth! This set incudes....
4 x 4 oz Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath in..
Peppermint Stick
Fresh Cream
Pink Marshmallow Buttercream
Spiced Gingerbread Cookie
4 x 0.4 oz Lip Shines in....
Peppermint Stick
Sugar Sprinkles
Fresh Cream
Pink Marshmallow Buttercream
You can get this set at for $42 and you will get it before Christmas if you order before Sunday 20 or Monday 21. Also at for $42 and can get it before Christmas if you order by Monday!!

Here is a great gift for people who loves to take care of their skin. My mom loves using this product but she loves it even more when I give it to her as a gift sense there are on the pricey side.
Miraculous Days & Nights Kit
This set includes:
0.07 oz Time in a Bottle
1 oz Miracle Worker
1 oz Miracle Worker™ Overnight
You can get this set is on sale for $44 on
The Holiday Handbook Set

This is a great gift to give to people who always have to wash their hands at work and will also have dry skin. This set includes three hand creams in yummy scents like:
Raspberries and Cream
Cranberry Medley
Fresh Cream
You can get this set at for $20
Urban Decay:
Total Perversion Set:

This is an awesome gift to give to the mascara and eye liner lovers in your life, these two products are my top favorites of all time. The eyeliner goes on so easy but stay on all day. I have review the mascara last year and I'm still in love with it.
This set includes:
0.4 oz Perversion Mascara in Perversion (blackest black)
0.04 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion (blackest black matte)
You can get this set at and for $24
Revolution Lipgloss Travel-size Due

Here is a cute and cheap gift to give to a friend who is obsessed with lip glosses!!
$14 on and

Naked Smoky:
You can't go wrong with a naked palette especially with newest one. I would love to get my hands on this one, I just love Smokey eyes. If you have it in you budget I would get this for the one who always wears smoky eyes. $54 at and
That’s all I have for this year gift guide I hope it helps you out a lot. Remember order before Monday to get it before Christmas!!
I hope you all have an awesome Christmas
Have a good day or night!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

So It's Been a While

Hey makeup lovers!!!!
So I don't know if anyone is still reading my blogs sense I haven't been on here for a long time. I was just so busy with planning my wedding and all. I hope everyone is well and super excited to see a post from me haha. I will be doing a gift guide for you late shoppers sense I'm posting it late in the season. It will be up sometime this week I'm doing research tonight after I’ll make ugly Christmas sweater cookies for my family Christmas party tomorrow. SO be looking forward for that post!!!
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!
PS I'm a marry woman now. Woot Woot!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

e.l.f. Skincare Soothing Serum Review!!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy that elf (eyeslipsface) finally came out with a skin care line!! Those of you that don't know about elf, it is a company that sells amazing and affordable makeup that I have loved for years. If you don't own any elf makeup then please go to and just go on a shopping spree, you won't regret it. Anyways let’s go back to talking about their new skin care line.
e.l.f. has four skin care products out right now which are:
e.l.f. Skincare Illuminating Eye Cream $10.00
e.l.f. Skincare Soothing Serum $12.00
e.l.f. Skincare Daily Hydration Moisturizer $8.00
e.l.f. Skincare Nourishing Night Cream $12.00
They also have a set where you can get them all for $42.00
I have been using the soothing serum for almost two weeks and I feel like it has been an extra boost improving my dry winter skin. I been putting it on twice a day before applying my face moisturizer and hasn't been feeling tight or dry lately. It's like a little assistant for my moisturizer. :)
This little helper is Purified water that has Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Grape "to help lock in moisture to reduce the look of fine lines for glowing, healthy-looking skin." It feels like I am applying on water when I used this serum not only has it help brightening up my skin but it has been getting less redness and irritation which has been making me extra happy lately. I hate when my face get so noticeable red and hot that I have to wash my face with cold water to cool off but this stuff has been a big help. Now that the soothing serum has been a big success for me I can't wait to try out the other skin care products. I hope e.l.f. comes out with more products for their skin care line which I'm sure they will.
I hope this little review has helped any of you girls out!!
Have any of you tried any of the skin care products by e.l.f. yet? If so, which ones?
Have a good day or night!!
Much love from your crazy makeup Lover!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TOO FACED Melted Liquified long Wearing Lipstick Review!!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!

I’ve been on a mission to find the best lip stain to wear for my wedding. I am looking for a bold lip color that will stay on my lips though out the whole day so there will be no smudging and lip marks on my future husband. My first lip stain I tried is the Melted Liquefied Long wearing Lipstick in the color Melted Melon.
I love love love this product and the color because it reminds me of summer but unfortunately this is not a good lip stain for my wedding. It is long wearing but it is a messy lipstick. It smudges very easy and I leave lip marks everywhere.
On the bright side it is my new every day lip product well only on my days off it is way to bold and bight to wear to work. This product is so pigment that you can see my lips from a mile away. I always love the fact that it's feeling like a lip gloss on my lips but looks like I am wearing a lipstick. I so want to get another one but in more of a pink color but I have to try another lip stain before I buy more Melted!!
If you would love to see more colors or buy one then head on over to,, or they are about $21.00 each.
I hope you love this short but sweet review. If you girls know any good lip stains please let me know.
Have a good day or night!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mila Kunis's Jupiter Ascending Wedding Inspired Makeup

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!
As soon as I saw a picture of Mila Kunis's wedding makeup from the movie Jupiter Ascending I fell in love with this unique wedding look! I know my look doesn't look exactly like the one from the movie but its inspired look not recreated. This look was so much fun to do and wear, also very simple. I love that’s this is such a bold look to wear but an easy one to achieved.
If you want to know how to get this Jupiter Ascending Wedding inspired makeup then please read on!

For the eyes :
After I prime my eyelids I mix a burgundy and pink eye shadow and blend it into my crease.
I then added a white base onto my eyelids to help the pink eye shadows pop.
I ended up mixing like three different pink eye shadows together to get a nice bight berry pink.
But you can use any pink you have.
For the tear ducts I applied a silver shimmer pencil and added a very light shimmer pink on top and then blended some in with the brighter pink.
I also added my pink mixture into my crease to get a more intense pink look.
For underneath my eyes I should have applied the bight berry pink shadow but I instead put the burgundy and pink eye shadow mix underneath. Opps!
For the nice highlight on my brow bone I used a matte white shadow with a hint of pink in it.
I didn't apply any eyeliner for this look just a lot of mascara!!
For the face :
After applying on my foundation and powder I added bronzer onto my temples and underneath my cheek bones.
I just wanted to add a light pink blush but ended up getting a little more blush on my cheeks then I wanted but I still think it looks pretty.
Then I just add a little highlight onto my cheekbones for a little glow.
For the Lips :
I wanted to use a berry lipstick but the ones I had were too dark for this look so I used a bight fuchsia pink lipstick and added a deeper pink lip gloss on top.
I love these lips, don’t you?
Well that’s how I got this fun wedding look!!!!
Not a real wedding look by the way.
I hope you love this look!!!
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Makeup Look of the Day: New England Patriots Inspired Makeup!!!

Hey makeup lovers!!!!
On super bowl Sunday I did a quick and easy Patriots Inspired Makeup Look before I went over to my parents’ house to watch the game. Even though this is a simple look, it is also a fun look to celebrate the Patriots winning the Super Bowl!!!! Woot Woot!!
I wish I post this look before the parade for you girls but you can still rock this Look!!!
If you want to know how to get this simple but fun Patriots Inspired Makeup then please read on!!!

For the Eyes :
I went right into the eyeliner after I prime my eyes, I wanted to create the shape of my eyeliner first with a white eye base. I used angle eye liner brush to help me apply the white base around my eyes.
I then add a blue eye shadow on top off my white base eyeliner to get my blue eyeliner look. IF you already had a blue eye liner color that’s almost the same color as the Patriots then you can use that instead to make it easier. I had to pretty much make my blue eyeliner lol
After I am satisfied with my eyeliner shape I took a bight shimmer silver eye shadow and applied it onto my water line with an angle eyeliner brush. Again if you have a silver eye liner pencil you can use that instead.
I then added a matte white onto my eyelids right above the blue eyeliner and I added a shimmer white onto my brow bones.
To complete my eyes I applied on lots of mascara!
For the face :
I applied on bronzer on to my temples, under my cheek bones, and onto my jawline.
I added on a natural pink blush on to my cheeks and a highlighter onto my cheek bones!
For the lips :
Of course I had to do red lips to get all the Patriots colors in this inspired look!!
I just used a classic red lip color and some lip gloss!
I hope you really love this look!!
Have a good day and night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!
I’m not sure if I have ever written a review for any of the blockbuster palettes that I’ve gotten in the past, I think what happens is that I get so excited to see a colorful palette of eye shadows, lips glosses, blushes, eyeliners, and so on that I just go right into making awesome and beautiful looks to share with you girls! I should be doing reviews on them because every year Sephora creates a whole new different design for the holiday season. One year they made a small square shape palette that grew into the most beautiful palette with makeup for days. It's funny how mad I was at first because it really does look like a small square when it was close, it was a really good product but the square (packaging) was cheap. It broke within the first few months that I had it. Eye shadows broke and lip glosses got dirty that I had to throw it always. :(
Actually all two of my Blockbusters have broken on me but to be fair to Sephora I had drop both of them, but the very first one I had didn't break as bad as the second one. Honestly I don't think they are meant to last long since Sephora makes a new Palette every year, in my defense eye shadows and blushes are good for two years before you have to throw it out but what are you going to do if they don’t have any package to protect them. I usually ask my mom to get me a Blockbuster for Christmas but I hadn’t for the past two years since I was drowning in makeup especially with eye shadows. I wanted to ask for one for this Christmas because all of my eye shadow palettes are about to expire but for some reason I just didn’t. That’s why I was so surprised and super excited that my brother and his wife got me the Color Festival Blockbuster Palette with 130 colors in it. This year Blockbuster has…
72 eye shadows
28 lip glosses
8 blush
18 cream eyeliners
4 two-in-one creams for cheeks and lips
2 mirrors
6 makeup tutorials cards
And it’s in a shape of a bow, I’m not sure if that’s that shape Sephora is going with but that’s what I think what it looks like.

I love how you can do almost any look with these beautiful eye shadows. The matte eye shadows are soft to the tough and blend really well. Some of them are more pigmented then others, but all you need to do is just add more layers of eye shadows or use a white cream base. The shimmer eye shadows are a hit and miss, I have some that apply on wonderful and I have others that I have to keep added on eye shadow until I am happy with it. Bronze and gold eye shadows are mostly hits in my book. Well most of the eye shadows are hits but I feel like you always have to have a few bad eggs in a batch. There’s also a few eye shadows that have glitter in them and most of them are pigmented and very bendable, there are at least two that are kind of chucky, but I don't mind those because I just use my fingers to dab them on to my lids to add an extra spackle to my looks!
Don’t all these eye shadows make you happy!!?

Funny story I almost forgot to post this rainbow of eyeliners!! I will never ever get bored of eyeliner that’s for sure. These are so creamy and very easy to apply on.

Love these lip glosses they are pigmented, beautiful, and you can create so many beautiful lip looks or just pick one of the colors to go with your eye shadows. The pink and purple side is my favorite. I will always be a pink lip girl!

The blushes are also my favorite part of the palette! Not only do they blend very easy into the skin they are also the perfect pigment in my opinion. They are pigmented but not to pigmented that I look like I have UN naturally pink cheeks!
I hope you girls really love this review!
Also if you live in MA stay safe and warm it’s a crazy one out there!!
Have a good day or night!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!