Sunday, May 27, 2012

Got to Love Tattoos


I know this has been talk about a lot all ready. How awesome they are. They really do stay on all day with creasing. But you know I have to find out for my self. So I got The Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr By Eyestudio in Fierce & Tangy. Witch is a really orange color with a hint of shimmer to it. This color is really fierce. It is such a bold color. You can use it as a base for eyeshadows, as an eyeliner, or just use the color by its self. I so want to go out and by all the colors because it works better then any other primer I have used. It stays on all day and does not crease or fade. I almost brought the blue and the brown but sense I been crazy about orange I had to get this color. If you do not have any of these eye tattoos you must get at least one. And get the color you use the most because like I side it is a really good eye base.



You get a whole alot of color just for like 7 or 8 bucks. You can't go wrong with that.
What is you fav Tattoo color? If you have any.
I know it’s not easy to comment on this blog so you can email me your answer or if you have any comments, complaints, suggestion, and any questions please email me at

My Dulcecandy87 contest entry

Heyyyyy!!!! Beautiful Makeup lovers! Sorry for not blogging for a few days just be a little busy.I just made a makeup tutorial video for the Dulcecandy87 contest to win a $150 Sephora gift card. That would be awesome to win. I hold you guys will love my video. I really like this look. I had to pick one of the looks that she had done in the pass. I really loved the Britney Spears “hold it against me” look she had done. So I pick that one. Enjoy! And wish me luck

What I used:
All my eye shadows can from my Sephora blockbuster palette
I use three different kinds of golds
A matte brown
A black with glitter
Bright Pink from the Sephora palette
e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Funky Fuchsia
The two eye liners came from the Sephora palete
The Falsies Volume Express from Maybelline
Great Lash from Maybelline


PS I will be posting another blog today.Just What to enjoy the rest of the day. I been working on this video all day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

YAY! for glam bags


I just got my first myglam bag in the mail! For those of you who don’t know what a myglam bag it’s a subscription to get a cute little bag with 4 or 5 full-size products or deluxe size simples once a month.I love this because I get to try new products every month for just $10.00.
To get a myglam bag. You go to Take a quiz and sign up. Its $10 and you can cancel anytime.
You really do get nice products, if you look at their past bags you can see there was urban decay, NYX, Tarte and so on in them.
Every month there is a theme like girls night out, repair and restore, and so on.
This mouth was Love is in the air. And here is what I found in this cute lip bag that I just love:

A simple of Philosophy Love Sweet Love fragrance

This has such a sweet flower smell to it. I just love it. It’s kind of like sweet pea from bath &body works but with a whole lot more of sweet! If you really like those sweet smells then you will fell in love with love sweet love. You can get this at for $45.

Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in teaberry
Photobucket Photobucket

This lipstick is a two in one. It has a vitamin B derivative that moisturizes and plumps your lips with a burst of color. I like the lipstick it self because it does keep your lips soft and the color stays on for a few hours but, it’s a little to dark for me. I'm into the bight colors. You can get this lipstick $ 15.00 at There are so many colors to pick from! If you have the money for them.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling



I don't know where you can get this brand of nail stickers but you can get the Sally Hanson ones anywhere for $8.00. Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, and so on. They are just as good. These are pretty cool and if you have a job where you don’t work with your hands they will stay on about a week. If you do work with your hands I would say a few days. Had my on for three days and there are starting to peel away. So sad because they are just so pretty and glam!
Myglam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush


The eyeliner brush is really awesome i apply my eyeliner so much better and easter then i could before. I don't why but it does. The concealer brush is just too small to cover anything on my face.

I love this because I get to try new products every month just for $10.00. Its like having a Christmas or a birthday once a month coming to your mailbox!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OH MY Nails

Hello makeup lovers!! Well should I say Nail lovers this time? Today blog is all about the nails.
I just did my nails last night and wanting to share with you guys on what I did. I also did my moms too!


The lovely hand model above is my mom. I painted her nails with the color Fire Coral by e.l.f( eyes lips face). It's $2.00 at
I know you can't really tell by the picture but it’s an orange and red color.
Photobucket Photobucket

Now for me, I painted my nails with the color mango madness by e.l.f witch is a really nice orange color but...
I added some as gold as it gets luxeeffects by Essie. It’s a top coat with gold flakes in it. Its nothing like glitter, its looks so much nicer don't you think.
I got this at Wal-Mart for $8.00 yea it’s a little pricey for nail polish but it was worth it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(left)mango maddness (top right) fire coral(bottom) as gold as it gets
Hope you guys love my nails for the week. Let me know what color or colors you paint on your nails this week.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Color of the Year: Tangerine!

For the past year my favorite color in makeup has been orange in different tones: light orange, bight orange, or just a shimmer with a tint of orange. I don’t know why but I been so crazy about it. It’s like the new hot pink for me. So when I saw that had the color of the year collection out in tangerine I jump out of my chair and ran to get my wallet. But when I saw that the price was from $16.00 to $68.00 all I could see was an empty bank account. The collection is beautiful but it’s not worth it when you are on a budget. You don’t need to send over $15.00 on makeup to stay with the trend. If you look hard enough you can find the color in drug stores or you could get the ELF Studio Black Beauty Book in warm for $5.00. It has a few orange eye shadows and lip colors. It’s perfect if you’re always on the go and you can make so many great looks with it. But I just use up all the orange lip colors in the palette. So I went on a mission to target to find a lip color in tangerine or just a nice matte orange for under $10.00. Not only did I found a nice tangerine lipstick I also found a lip gloss that I just fell in love with.

Left side is Revlon colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti. It’s such a nice tangerine color. I like wearing this because its adds just a pop of color. Also its not like any other lip stick where they have that lip stick smell to it, do you guys know what I'm talking about? And it has some moisture to it while some lips sticks live your lips all dry and yucky!

On the right is my new favorite lip gross. It’s Revlon Coloburst 046 Sizzle Canicule. If you really like orange then this lip gross was made for you. This lip gloss is such a burst of color that it’s really great on its own. You don't really need any lip stick or lip liner under it.

It’s funny how these two colors remind me of starburst.

So, do you make up lovers like or dislike this season trend? Why?


Revlon colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti


Revlon Coloburst 046 Sizzle Canicule


Here’s how they look together