Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Makeup Look of the Night: Inspired look

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!
I have a habit of being inspired by silly things to help me created awesome looks for my nails and makeup looks. For example I got my nails painted yellow with black tips to match my car. That is one of the many examples of what inspires my crazy beauty trends. You may think that is a silly way to get inspired but I think it make its fun.The reason why I am writing this in my blog tonight is because the makeup look of the night was inspired by my engagement ring. When I was flying back to Boston from Mexico I kept thinking how these colors might be a fun makeup look for a night out. I just didn't have the right kind of metallic silver to add that pop until I got my Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette in the mail last week. When I saw how perfect the silver was for this look I ran to the bathroom and created my engagement ring inspired look!

Here's how to recreate this look!
For the Face:
Sense I wasn't really going anywhere that night I just applied my BB cream all over my face and set it with a face powder.
I only added some bronzer to my cheeks sense I knew I was going to have a lot going on with the eyes
I used Dope on my cheek bones form the Vice 2 Palette as a high lighter. Dope is a warm champagne satin color. If you don't have Vice 2 then just used any high light color you have. It will still look awesome, maybe even more awesome then mine!
For the eyes:
Before I blended a gray eye shadow into my crease I applied eye primer all over my lids.
I blended the gray eye shadow above my crease and stop right before my brow bone.
I took the colors madness and prank and applied them to the inner and outer corner of my eyes. Make sure you leave the middle alone!
Madness is a bright metallic blue shimmer with blue glitter and Prank is a deep navy matte blue with turquoise. Just used any dark blues you have and then just add some shimmer blue color on top.
Before I added more colors I blended out the blues into the crease.
I applied the color shellshock onto the middle of my lids and on the tear ducts
I took the bright metallic silver color underneath the eyes a little but then I continued with the colors Madness and Prank.
I kind of forgot what color I used for the brow bone but I think I blended dope into the crease to add more shimmer and then I used Habit as a highlight for the brow done.
Habit is a matte nude color.
If you do this look then make sure you keep blending the colors out. Blending is very important when you do these kinds of looks, because it will just look like you got punch in the eyes. That's just a hot mess!
As always I applied black eyeliner and mascara to complete the eyes.
If you have big eyes like me then applied an eye liner onto your water lines, if you don't then apply the black eyeliner underneath your lash lines.
For the lips:
I used three different colors to make a pinky nude color.
If you don't have a pinky nude lip colors, then used whatever nude lip color you have.
I just loved the pinky nude colors on me because it works for me.
Use whatever works for you.
Do you girls have anything that inspires your makeup looks, nails, or even the fashion you wear? Or am I just the only weird one here?
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!