Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missing you!


Hello Makeup Lovers,

It has been such a busy weekend and last week was pretty busy too. But I missed writing to you makeup lovers. I didn't think I would get the chance to write today but I was wrong lol.
I was going to write about a kind nail polish that I have been using for the past few months but I thought maybe I should tell you how my makeup gig went. Don't worry it went well but it was a little crazy but what kind of wedding isn't crazy lol.

so the first thing i have to tell you is that I made sure that I had everything that I needed in my makeup bag like three time and I cleaned my brushes and packed them in my bag. When i got there and was setting up in my hotel room the next day, I emptied all three of my bags and couldn't find them. I called my boyfriend to ask him if he could drive all the way back home to my house to get my brushes. As soon as I hung up my dad comes walking in with my makeup brushes hahaha. They ended up falling out out of my bag in the car. It was one of those opps moments for me. So anyways after having a panic attack, my mom and I finish setting up everything so I would be ready for the bridesmaids. While I was waiting I was looking through the gift that my neighbor and her sister put in my room. It was blue bucket filled with makeup supplies,chocolates, and a bottle of wine with a thank you card that said to the best makeup artist around. That was very sweet of them. They are one of the nicest and thoughtful people I know. :)

By the time that the bridesmaids got to my room I only had about an hour to do their makeup. I really thought I was going to mess things up by going to slow but I made it just in time. But they did end up waiting for me a little bit because I had to put my dress on. I really felt bad about it, at least I did my makeup at like 9:30 in the morning and did my hair the night before. Yes I didn't look that great but it wasn't about me so I didn't really care to much about how I look lol. I had to do my moms makeup too. I was doing makeup all day pretty much but its all good because I like doing it.

Then we were off to the venue until we hit a road block and the driver had to take a detour. It didn't really occur to me why there was a road block until we got there and found out that the power was out. So there we were in a dark bridal suite holding flash lights for the bridesmaids so help then get dress and touching up their makeup. Yep I was putting on lip liner and lip gloss in the dark while my mom was holding a flashlight.While we were singing here comes the bride haha. Don't worry the lights came up ten minutes before the ceremony right before the bride put her beautiful dress on. We were all like YAY!!!! After all that craziness everything went great. The ceremony was beautiful and the ceremony was so much fun. There was a lot of eating, laughing,and dancing.

I wish I had pictures of the makeup looks I did but I don't have any. :( Sorry I wanted to take pictures of the looks I did but there just wasn't anytime. But its all good. I had so much fun that day despite all the craziness. I also had good experience and I hope I get more makeup gigs. I did leave one of my business card by the phone in my hotel room but I bet that the housekeeper just threw it away lol. But you never know.

I hope you had a good weekend and not so busy, and had a good day or night.