Monday, September 17, 2012

An awesome brithday!


Hello Makeup Lovers!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend like me. I celebrated my birthday on all three days. I had lots of food, laughs, fun, and of course gifts. I got awesome ones this year because they are going to help me out in a big way.

Here's what my family got me:

1. My mom and dad got me a black makeup case for me to used for my neighbor wedding and hopefully to use it for more makeup gigs. And she also got me a $25 dollar gift card to Sephora. Sweet deal! She also made me this awesome peanut butter cake. Yummy!


2. Look forward to new and improve Makeup tutorials coming your way!! My boyfriend got me a new camera called the bloggie by Sony. It’s like the flip cam but he said he had to get this one because the name reminded him of me hahaha. How cute. I am so remaking the pink and blue video. I watch it the other day and saw how bad it was and how you couldn't really see what I was doing. As soon as I make the new one I'm taking the old one off. But I have to finish my wedding series first.

3.The last awesome and very thoughtful gift that I gotten from my brother and his Fiance was a homemade makeup artist apron with the name of my blog on it. Well I could say business now sense I got business cards and a makeup kit. :) It's in the making. I almost cried when I saw this and then I didn't want to take it off lol. My future sister-in-law aunt sewed zebra pockets for my makeup brushes and anything I would need at hand. I just love this and can’t wait to use it. I was so surprise

This was such a fun and thoughtful birthday and it's funny how most of the gift are related to my blog.
Sorry that this post was a little different tonight, but no worries I will have a new post about makeup tomorrow night.I just was so happy about all the stuff that I got and wanted to share it with you!

What was the most thoughtful gift you have ever gotten? And what kind of makeup tutorials you would like to see?

Have a good day or night!