Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Glam Bag Time Again


Hello Makeup Lovers,

I was about to make a makeup tutorial for you but I forgot to buy light bulbs for my lamp to I can have better lighting. But no worries I will buy them tonight when I’m at Target or Wal-Mart. I always wonder which one I go to more. I think it’s been Target lately. Anyways I'll make it tomorrow night after my spin class, have to work off that birthday cake haha. No really I do. On a brighter note I got my Glam Bag todayyy!!!
Here's what I got!!!:

The London Soho New York Smudge Brush
I was soo happy to see a pink smudge brush. I just love makeup brushes and this one feels really soft. I hope it works well. You can get this at for $6.99. The site sells all kinds of stuff like brushes, beauty cases, cosmetic bags, and accessories. There are some nice beauty cases on there.


Mirabella Eye Colour in Semiformal which is a pretty light shimmer bronze. It’s really pretty for my blue eyes. :) Now I don't know where I am going to put this little guy because he came with out a case. Yep that’s cool I just let all the little germs get him eww.
This eye shadow is sold at for $10 each and you will have to buy one of the cases that are sold for $17.00 or $32.00 ouch. But at least the colors are pretty.


I got another Circus nail color in Tightrope. which is a nice matte purple. I believe all the colors are matte because I have three out of the five and there’s no shimmer. The one thing that I really love about these nail polish is that they dry in like a minute. This is really good for me because I always smudge my nails. always!


Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer
Hmm I hope this works. I may have to blog about it if it's any good. You can get the full size for $25 at There are tons of other hair products on the site too.

Jane Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink and boy is it pink. And that the way I like it.
You can get a set of three lip glosses at for $9.99.
That all for now folks haha.I hope you like what you saw and if you really want a glam bag you will have to go to they change the site name and all. But it’s still the same thing.

If you get the glam bag what has been your fav product so far?
Hope you all have a good day or night!