Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yay a Review: Circus by Andrea's Choice


Heyyy Makeup Lovers,

I'm soo happy to be doing a review!! It feels like its been forever since I've done one. I been super busy for the past few weeks researching and putting together a makeup kit for my neighbors wedding, and then I had so much to do. Well I get a two week break from being super busy then after that its the wedding events for my brother's wedding. Yay for my brother getting married but i won't be doing much blogging till after January. I will do my best to do as much blogging as I can, and try to do a few makeup tutorials because I've got so many makeup looks I want to share with you. Let me stop all this chit chatting and get on with the review.

In my last three glam bags I been getting these matte nail polish called Circus By Andrea's Choice. They came in fun colors that look like a circus tent. Ha get it. These bright and bold colors are inspired by a big top from the circus. They are sold as a set at circusbyandrea.com for 29.95 plus 5.95 with shipping and handing eek. You get five nail polish in a set.

The names and the colors are:
Reverso- white
Spectacle- bight Orange
Tightrope- purple
Somersault- yellow
Ringmaster- pink

Maybe the reasons why they are about $30:
Cruelty free
Free of formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP
supposedly chip-resistant
Here is my take on these nail polish:
I love how the colors are fun, bold, and bight. Also love the fact that they dry in lest then a minute but you really need to use a top coat because they end up feeling and looking very dry. The only con I have about these nail polish is that they chip worse then any other polish I had used. I wouldn't really mind if it just chip a little but the fact that it suppose to be chip resistant and that they are about 30 bucks really bugs me. I hate when the product works different then what the packing says. And its chip in big chucks where half the color will be gone. One day I was at the store taking a debt card out of my wallet and the nail polish chip in to little pieces all over the counter at the registers. Just a little embarrassing. Now this just my opinion and how the product worked for me. It maybe different for other people.I also work with my hands and wash my hands a lot. Maybe that's why they chip so much. But I'll just keep getting my nail polish from the drug store for under 6 bucks. :)

Here is proof of the chip-resistant nails after one day!


I feel so much better now after getting that review out of my head. I've wanted to write this review for about two weeks now lol.

What is your pet peeves on nail polish?

Have a good day or night! Its good night for.