Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Makeup look of the night: Purple Cat Eyes!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!
Do you girls need a fun night out on the town look but don't want to see another smoky eye. As much as I love my smoky eyes, I get bored of them sometimes. I know not everyone will like purples and pinks but remember you can use whatever colors you want. Just make sure you go dark to light from the outer corner of the eye to the tear ducts.
If you girls want to know how to do this Purple Cat Eye Look then read on!

Like always apply an eye primer to your eyes and then take a white base like the NYX Jumbo Pencil and add a little to your eye lids to make your colors pop!
Take any purple eye shadow you have with an angle eye liner brush and draw a triangle shape on the outer corner of your eyes. If you can't draw very good like me then add some masking tape to sides of the outer corner of the eyes. It will act as a guideline to help you get your cat eyes.
Take the same Purple eye shadow with a flat eye shadow brush and just fill in the triangle.
Clean off the eye shadow brush you just used and take a bright pink color and add it next to the purple which should be the center of your lids.
Use the same brush and add a shimmery light pink to the inner corner of the eyes and then take another shimmery pink color that is a shade lighter and add it to the tear ducts.
Continue to the lower lash line from the tear ducts with the same shade of pink. Stop at the middle of the lower lash line and continue with the bight pink and stop when you get close to the outer edge of the lower lash line so you can add the purple eye shadow and connect it to the purple triangle to complete your cat eye shape.
I added a shimmery white to my brow bone to get a nice high light.
Of course I added cream eyeliner to my upper lash lines and waterlines. Then added tons of mascara to my top and bottom eyelashes.
I don't really remember what I used for my cheeks but I think I just added some bronzer because I already used a lot of pink on my eyes. I also just used a shear pink lip gloss for my lips. Remember when you used a lot of colors for your eyes, you want to used lighter colors on the face and lips.
That is pretty much it but I hope I didn't confuse anybody because this look was a little Hard to explain. If you need me to explain how to do this look a little better then please leave me a comment and I will try my best to explain it to you a little better or maybe I will just do a makeup tutorial.
I hope you like it anyways :)

Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.