Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Review!

A month ago or so I wrote a blog about the difference between BB and CC Creams, and in that post I wrote about how the Clinique CC Cream works better for me then the BB Cream. I kind of lied by accident because when I first tried out the product in the store I loved how it toned down my redness and brighten up my skin right before my eyes. It took away the dry patches off my skin and made me look dewy and fresh. It’s also great for days when I get too much sun. For example when I was out in the sun all day when I was on my vacation in Mexico I would get little burnt by the end of the day. At night for dinner time I would put the CC Cream on and the redness would go away a minute after I applied it.
The reason why I feel like it’s not working out for me because it doesn't blend to well into my skin most of the time. It just sits there. Sometimes it will dry on face while I am trying to blend it in. Last week the product dried under my eyes right when I put it on and it wasn't blending. I kept trying to blend it in but I end up just pulling the skin under my eyes and that is a no no for me. I hate products that pull at my skin! I don't know if it’s just the heat that is causing the product to sit on my skin or if it’s just the products itself. I will give this product another try once it cools down because I feel like this can be a really good product. It does want it says it just wants to hang out and be lazy on my skin.
I will write an updated review on this in the fall. I hope this help any of you girls that wanted to try this product out.
If you still don’t know what a CC Cream is then that means you didn’t read my post on the difference between BB and CC Creams. Now you must read it. hahah