Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Blogging

Heyy Makeup Lovers!
I just want to write a quick little post before I go back to organizing all my clothes and packing for my trip to Mexico!!!!! I was going to work on doing a whole bunch of makeup looks before I leave because I can schedule my blogs to be posted on the days that I’m not here. I am not sure if I can make that happen because my eyeball seems to be acted up, of course when I have vacation I can't have any fun with makeup!! :( Hopefully by the end of the week my eye will feel better and I can get a few looks done for you girls. No worries I will be doing as many blog posts as I can this week. I am going to try to get two done tonight and I hope I can post one by tomorrow morning. There is soo many new makeup products coming out lately I am just getting so overwhelmed on which ones to write about first because they all seem to be pretty awesome. It feels like Christmas! Well I did buy the CC Cream but that is all I got out of all the new products. I been buying a lot of stuff for my trip to Mexico and been trying to save for a house so I don't have a lot of spending money for makeup, but I still have a lot of makeup anyways, it just not the new ones. Sadness!
Before I go back to my lovely day of organizing and packing I just want to say a big THANK YOU for reading my blog. It does mean a lot to me. I have been getting more views lately from all you lovely makeup lovers out there and it feels awesome to know that my post are being read and not just sitting here on the internet. I know I am not the best writer but I do work hard on these post and thank you tons for reading them.
Have a good day or night
Much Love from your crazy makeup lover!!