Monday, July 8, 2013

Is the Summer Cold Bringing you down?

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!
I hope you all had an awesome 4th of July and I wish I could say the same but I got really sick that day and just went to bed after work. How lame is that!!!! It’s only just a summer cold but at the end of the day I just pass out and don't get to do my normal night time skin care routine. I hate it when I do this because after a day or two my skin looks dull and dry. I had a lot to do this weekend and I didn't really have time to rest but I made sure that I didn't look sick. Here are my tips and tricks on how to look like you have bight, fresh, and dewy skin when you are just plain old sick!
heres two things you girls probably already know:
1) Drink as much water as you can and take lots of vitamin C!
2) Take a nice hot shower. I always feel so much better after a hot shower when I'm sick. It is better to be super clean before touching all your makeup too. Make sure you used a face scab to get rib all of that dry skin and applied on a face moisturizer right when you get out of the shower.
Now on with the makeup!!

For the Face:
1) Take a BB cream and apply it all over your face and let it sit to work its magic.
2) Take a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it underneath your eyes. This will brighten up your skin and hide your dark circles.
3) Take a cream blush and apply it lightly on your cheeks to give you a little color.
4) Take a matte white eye shadow or a highlighting pencil and apply it on you cheekbones.
5) If you need more color then just add some bronzer.
6) For the summer I would set your skin with a setting spray instead of a powder. For the Eyes:
What I do is just used waterproof makeup because my eyes get so runny that I look like I am melting!
If you really don't feel like doing anything with your eyes then just add Mascara and eyeliner just to brighten up your eyes.
For the Lips:
Used the brightest lip color you have because I feel like a bight fun color always brightens up the face.
In the picture down below I did a fun coral lip with a pop of pink in the middle.
I hope these tips and tricks help any of my sick makeup lovers out there.

Sick Face

Not so sick face
If you girls have any tips you would like to share then please leave a comment. I would love to hear them.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!