Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BH Cosmetics and Urban Decays New Lipsticks

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!
Do you girls need a new Lipstick color for your vacation, work, or the upcoming school year? Well you girls are in luck because the budget friendly BH Cosmetics and the edgy Urban Decay came out with their very own new lipstick lines.
BH Cosmetics Crème Luxe Lipstick
These 12 beautiful shades of lipsticks will give you vibrant color while moisturizing your lips with Shea Butter, Bees Wax, and Vitamin E. I love it when makeup products have any one of these ingredients because they make your lips feel super soft!
If you girls see any colors you like then buy one now for $3.95 before they go back to their original price $7.95 each. What a deal!!!
What do you girls think?
Here are the names of the colors!

Berry Bite

Coral Escape

Forever Nude

Foxy Gold

Moody Merlot

Naked Peach

Pop Cultured
Loving this one!

Red Truffle

Sweet Mango


Tea Time

You can get these lipsticks at
Urban Decays Revolution Lipsticks
If you girls wanted something that is a "creamy, badass, luxury" feel to it and have an extra $22.00 to spend then the new Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks is for you. Not only will these lipsticks give your lips a rich long lasting color payoff, they will be soft and moisturized all day long due to the healthy mix of jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter.
Want more?
These lipsticks will help you achieve plumper and fuller lips. Wow!
That is a lot of to-dos in one little cool gunmetal tube.
What do you girls think of this lipstick tube?

Before I go on showing you girls all the colors, here three things that I think it is important to know about this product.
1.) I have only seen good reviews and people seemed be really pleased with this product.
2.) If you buy this lipstick and truly hate it, then Urban Decay will let you return it.
3.) There are 22 different shades in nudes, bold, and bright colors, making sure there is a color for everyone! Yay!!
Here are the names of the colors:

Man that is a lot of colors. hahaha
You can get these "Intensely Pigmented Shades" at
I hope this helps you find your perfect shade no matter how much it will cost you.
Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy Makeup Lover!!