Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Makeup Look Of the Night!!!!: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I wanted to do a fun girls night out look but I didn't really wanted to do the average smokey eye. I just wanted to do something different and funky.
It’s kind of like a purple smokey eye but then there’s a pop of pink going on in the middle of the eye and a light pop of pink in the tear ducts.
This is not your everyday kind of makeup but its fun and there is nothing wrong with that!
If you want to try this fun night out look then please read on to find out how to do it.
It's really kind of easy to do because just like Smokey eyes no one can see if you made a mistake or not.
It's all about blending with these kinds of looks.
Get your blending brushes out!!!!
I did my eye makeup before I did my face because I have to clean up around the eyes after.
Like always I apply my concealer and powder on my eyes.
I took a white cream base and apply it all over the lids and up to my brow bone.
Don't use to much of the white cream base because it can crease when you use to much of the product
A little goes a long way.
I took a pencil like shape brush to apply the purple eye shadows to the outer and inner corners of the eyes.
DO not put any purple in the middle of the eyelids.
With a clean flat eye shadow brush I apply a bright pink eye shadow to the middle of the eyelids.
This is where you get your pop of pink!
I then added a pink shimmer eye shadow on top of the pink.
You don't have to do this part; I just thought it would make the look more fun.
If you do this look just keep in mind you might have to apply a little more purple on after you put on the pink eye shadows.
With these kinds of looks the eye shadows fade a little when you layer on colors like this.
When you are all set applying the colors, you need to take your blending brush and blend the colors together that are in your crease.
Mostly the purple will show in the crease.
After that I took a clean eye shadow brush and apply a white eye shadow on top of the brow bone to add a nice highlight.
For the tear ducts I added a nice light pink color to them.
Then I took the same bright pink color that I used in middle of my eyelids and took it underneath my eyes and stop in the middle of my lower lash line.
Then I continue with the purple eye shadow that I used for my corners and stop at the outer of the lower lash line.
I took my waterproof black eyeliner pencil and line the top lash lines and my water lines.
To finish off the eyes I added black mascara to my eyelashes.
For the Face:
Frist things first I took a makeup remover wipe and clean up underneath my eyes because there was so much fallout from the eye shadows.
Sense I got so much color going on with my eyes I just went nude with the face and lips because If I did like pink blush or/and pink lips I will look like a clown!!!
If you want to look like a clown then go ahead and go crazy with all the pinks and purples. hahaha
Just kidding
All I did was my usually face makeup routine and added a pink and gold highlight powder to my cheekbones.
For the lips I apply a concealer and top it off with a pinky nude lip gloss.
If you don't like the purple and the pink then used whatever colors you like.
For example you can use blue eye shadows with a pop of gold and so on. :)
I hope you girls enjoy this look.
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Have a good day or night.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.