Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Hide A Big Fat Zit!

Hello Makeup Lovers!
Before I ever really got into makeup I only owned two beauty products that I would use every single day and night since I was about 11 years olds. It was my good old face cleanser and moisturizer that my mom bought me and told me how important it was to take good care of my skin. I also learned that drinking lots of water, eating good foods, and working out also help to maintain really good looking skin.
I think the reason why I never really had bad acne because I learned to take care of it right before my teenage years. I hate to brag about my good skin but I worked hard to keep it but there are nights when I fell asleep before I take my makeup off, there are days when I stress way too much, and so on. I'm not perfect so that is why I get a big fat red swollen zit sometimes and it seems like it takes forever to go away.
It’s not like just a little zit, it’s like a big look at me I am zit kind of zits and it hurts.
It makes me sad but I have found a way to hide it when I go out..
If any of you girls have a zit and don’t what it to be seen then please read on how I hide mine.
Lately I have been using The POREfessional balm on my T-zone and on any zits that been showing up after I clean and moisturize my skin.
After I apply my foundation I take a concealer apply it on the zit and then I take a makeup sponge and pat the concealer on and around the zit to blend it in better.
To set the concealer I take my Blemish powder by elf. You can use any face powder you want but I really like to use this on zits because it disguise and heals the zits at the same time. Believe me when I say this stuff works. It takes away the redness as soon as I apply this on.
Heres the link to read more about it.
That’s it. These steps do hide my zits pretty well. I hope these tips help any of you girls that are going through any zit problems. I am going through them today!!!
Do you girls have any zits tips to share?
I would love to hear them.
Have a good day or night.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover