Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Summer Daytime Look!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!
 photo 005255x340_zps08bae6c7.jpg
Here is a nice summer look that I have been doing on myself lately. You don't have to put on your makeup as heavy as I did in this picture because I just wanting to make sure you girls can see the look.
Not only is this look quick and easy but it will also look good with any eye color.
Here is how I did this pretty summer day look:
For the face:
I applied Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream by L'Oreal Paris all over my face.
This stuff works really well but make sure you use a face moisturizer with SPF 15 in it because this BB Cream does not have any SPF.
I then took my all-time favorite bronzer which is the Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder and used that as a blush.
I also applied a light gold shimmer eye shadow right on top of where I put the bronzer for that nice I been out in the sun all day look.
That is pretty much it for the face; well I did add concealer to hide my awful zits. :(
For the Eyes:
I took a taupe color eye shadow with a blending brush and swipe it along the crease and I also applied a little bit of a dark brown eye shadow on top of it.
I then applied a sand color eye shadow called Sand Dune by Yaby all over the eyelid. I am so in love with this color!
I added some brown eye shadow along the lash line with an angle brush.
To keep the eyes big and bright I used a vanilla color eyeliner for my waterlines and of Crouse I top off the eye with some black mascara.
For the lips:
For a little pop of color I used a pink color lipstick with some nude lip gloss.
That's it to the look. I hope you girls give this look a try.
 photo 006255x340_zps7df3f08b.jpg
 photo 012-3_zps2ad36db6.jpg
 photo 010-4_zps8b07c7a3.jpg
What are you girls up to this summer? Are any of you going on any awesome vacations? I am going to Mexico in July, I can't wait!!!
I hope you have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.