Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Rebel

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!
 photo 02266_PrettyRebel_Fa13_CategoryBanner_v3_SM_zps4caa475d.jpg
The new fall collection by Too Faced came out today and I’m just loving the whole collection because it looks fun and glamorous! Sure its got gold’s and browns like lots of other fall makeup kits, but it’s also got a pop of color that will let you be a rebel! (but a pretty one) I don't have this collection yet but I do know that the eye shadow palette will be amazing because Too Faced is one of the best eye shadow brands I know. All of the eye shadows I have are from them are pigmented, beautiful, and so easy to work with. For some reason there eye shadows feel really soft. Too Faced also makes the best eye shadows palettes too.
I wanted to tell you girls about this new collection two days ago but I didn't have the pictures to shows you the new products that came out today on the Too Faced site. At least I can tell you girls all about it now because I am so excited about it.
Pretty Rebel Beauty Eye Shadow Palette!
 photo toofacedfalleyes_zpsf4ec50d3.jpg
 photo toofacedeyeslook_zps33aa03ab.jpg
Just like all of the Too Faced Palettes you get three signature how- to looks!
 photo toofacedeyes2_zps221aeba3.jpg
Here is the new eye shadow palette with ten new long lasting shades to show off your rebel side in a pretty way. I really love the pop of pink in this palette. I think this pink shade is stealing the attention from all the other shadows.
What do you girls think of the new pink eye shadow?
Are you loving or hating it?
Here is a close up of all the new eye shadows!
 photo misssparkles_zps86b5ce51.jpg
Miss Sparkles
 photo ringleader_zpse82f9a61.jpg
 photo Jailbird_zps5bf45429.jpg
 photo Instigator_zps023eb7b6.jpg
 photo girly_zps6c42eb10.jpg
 photo gangsta_zps3f9d5d17.jpg
 photo charming_zpsa497cbbe.jpg
 photo dainty_zps042e4aae.jpg
 photo Badass_zpsd7176add.jpg
 photo TotallyFetch_zps926dc44b.jpg
Totally Fetch
Lip Injection Color Bomb! Moisture Plumping Lip Tint
 photo LipInjectioncolorbombs_zpsd80e1d9a.jpg
$21.00 each
Too Faced combine their best best-selling Lip Injection plumping technology with a satin color stain that is supposed to give you soft sexy full lips with some shine.
If one of you girls get this product comment below and let me know if know how good or bad this product works.
This lip product comes in six different colors!
 photo EastwoodRed_zpsf0ad5213.jpg
Eastwood Red
This color was inspired by actress Francesca Eastwood in which she created the name.
 photo CoralPop_zps719f75cd.jpg
Coral Pop
 photo CandyBurst_zpsad288b20.jpg
Candy Burst
 photo BiggerBerry_zps28be7f28.jpg
Bigger Berry
 photo NeverEnoughNude_zpsa9c734f6.jpg
Never Enough Nude
 photo PlumpitupPink_zps2c4dc3f3.jpg
Plump it up Pink
Loving this pinkkk!!!!!
Glitter Glaze Transforming Shadow Top Coat
This product is the glamour to the rebel collection that is already sold out!!!! :(
You can wear this as a top coat over your eye shadow or you can wear it alone. The choice is yours if you even got one!!
The glitter glaze comes in two pretty eye catching colors.
 photo glitterglaze_1_goldierocks_zps70d89039.png
Goldie Rocks
 photo glitterglaze_1_silverspark_zpsadc5ca06.png
Silver Spark
That is it for this collection. If you girls saw anything you like then you better go to before it is all sold out. I can't believe the Glitter Glaze is already so out.
If you any of you girls were one of the lucky ones to get it, please comment below and tell me how good or bad it is.
I would love to know
I hope you girls have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!