Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Makeup Look of the Summer: Fun Orange Eyes!

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!

I made another summer look for the girls who would like a little more of a drama to their look. This makeup look is sooo easy to do and it is great for those hot summer days because I used my Color Tattoo by Maybelline. If you girls don't have this product or have something like it, then I would get it if I were you because it will stay on until you wash if off. If I could I would buy every single shade of the color tattoos!
If you girls want to know how to do this super fun and easy look then please read on...
For the face:
I used my Maybelline BB Cream with SPF 35 in it all over my face and instead of using a setting powder I used elf Makeup Mist and set. I like to do this in the summer because the powder ends up looking cakey on my face instead of flawless.
The setting spray will set and stop any makeup from sweating off!
After I let my face dry I added bronzer all over my face to add some color.
I then mix a pink and orange blush together and added it to my cheeks.
For that nice glow I added a pink highlight to my cheek bones.
For the eyes:
I applied an eye primer all over the lids and then took my Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy which is a pretty orange color with a little shimmer in it and applied it all over my eyelids, on the tear ducts, and under my eyes.
I added an eye shadow color that was almost the same shade as it to bring out the color more and used a lighter orange with more shimmer in it on my tear ducts.
I took a bronze eye shadow and blend that into my crease and I think I used just a white eye shadow on my brow bone as a highlight but I can't really remember. Opps!
To complete the look I added black Waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
For the lips:
I just made my own nude lip gloss with a hint in it.
I love making my own lip colors because I get bored with the same old lip sticks and lip glosses sometimes.
I also set my face once more with the mist and set spray.
What do you girls think of this summer look? Do you like it better than the other one? Hate it?
Here are more pictures!!!!

If you girls don't have time to put makeup on and you are going to be outside all day then just put on some awesome sunglasses.

Like These!!!
I hope you girls have a good day or night.
Much love from you crazy makeup lover.