Monday, June 24, 2013

Just an Updated

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!
I am sorry for not posting much last week.
I was hoping to blog this weekend but I was way too busy and tried to blog.
On Friday night I did the relay for life team with my mom and friends.
It was fun but it was so hard staying up all night!
I ended sleeping for like six hours on Saturday and I thought Saturday would have been a good day to blog but I just felt like watching movies instead. I was just being lazy ;)
Sunday was such a nice hot day that I just had to go to the beach! It was a must lol.
I thought tonight would be the perfect day to blog but I ended up working over 12 hours. Opps!
No worries I will be back to blogging tomorrow after working and gyming it. :)
Much love from your crazy Makeup lover!
Have a good day or night.