Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reasons Why I Love ELF So MUCH!

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Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
Four years ago I forgot my makeup bag full of drug store makeup in my gyms locker room and never saw it again. I knew it would of cost too much money for me to replace every single piece of makeup I did own and most of the makeup was my Christmas gifts that I got from my best friend and my mom. To save money I just got the two things I just can’t live without. It was mascara and black eyeliner. Yes I went without face makeup for months until I pull a muscle in my lower back when I was running on the treadmill and I had to take three weeks off from my job and from everything else I did. It was not fun at all!!
Sense I couldn't move I spent most of my time watching TV or on the computer. One day I really wanted to shop for makeup becuase I really miss creating looks and all. I had an eyelash curler that was only a dollar at target that said EYES LIPS FACE on it and I thought maybe it might have a web site that sells beauty tools or makeup. I googled it and I found an awesome website that had a whole line of makeup for only a dollar. That day I got 40 things for $40 and signed up for their emails to get awesome deals like 50% off, ten free eye shadows, get three palettes of eye shadows for $25 and so on. ELF is the reason why I got back into makeup because I could afford to get a whole bunch of good quality makeup for half the price of high end and drug stores brands. I know it sounds crazy but I feel that some drug stores makeup is a little too pricey sometimes. There are brands that are between $10 and $20 at CVS, Target, and so on. Some brands, not all. If I am going to spend that much money on makeup I might as well go to Macys or Sephora.
ELF also helped me learn so much about how to use makeup and what it does ,they even introduced to the beauty world on YOUTUBE. At first I was like what is this and then I clicked something and somehow found all of these girls showing you how to put on makeup. I thought it was weird but then it turned out to be a great thing for me because it help me find my passion for makeup.
I have always worn and loved makeup but never like this, I went from a little bag of makeup to having a closet, makeup case, and bags full of makeup.
It’s funny how losing one bag of makeup turn out to be a fun adventure for me because if I have never lost that one bag of makeup and hurting my back I wouldn't be blogging today or ever maybe.
I know this sounds crazy but I'm glad I lost my makeup and hurt my back because right now I'm doing what I love, writing about makeup.
It's funny how this ended up being a story, becuase I was going to wirte about the best products ELF has. This whole story was surpose to be introduction haha. I have to wirte about ELF best porducts in my next post.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!
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