Friday, May 3, 2013

Eye Candy!!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!
About a month ago Stile’s new eye shadow collection for the summer season came out and it looks like happiness in a little pan. The Festival of color collection is ten pans of creative works of art that was inspired by everything you would see in the summer! The First-to-market formula are hand made using a proprietary pressing and baking process. I would already have of all ten of these beautiful eye shadows if they were about $5 or $10 instead of $22 each because I have been drooling over them for weeks! haha. I also have been trying not to buy any makeup lately because I have a closet, a makeup bag, and case full of makeup.
I got a 20% off for signing up on a Stila newsletter and one of these eye shadows need a home, so I must adopt one. :)
I know these eye shadows are supposed to remind us of summer but to me they remind me of candy.
What do they remind you of?
The Benefits:
In each of the pans there are endless color combinations
Each pigment is unique
Full coverage, pearl formula
Long- wearing
Vibrant, color- matched compact
Each pan comes in three colors that gives you endless ways to apply. You could use all three or just two. To be a little different you could swirl all three colors with a brush in a circular motion to get that pop of color or swipe the brush across all three colors to get a unique multi-shade streaked effect. I think that is pretty cool!
Which of these fun vibrant compacts is your favorite?
My favorite is....
 photo centerstage_zps9b210be2.jpg
Center Stage because it reminds me of cotten candy!
 photo encore_zpsd4f9d329.jpg
 photo finale_zpsb0280c1d.jpg
 photo groupie_zpsfc5bdb06.jpg
 photo indie_zps2cf59c69.jpg
 photo lyric_zps21395a63.jpg
 photo Lightshow_zpse5a3c665.jpg
Light show
 photo melody_zpsebd4332d.jpg
 photo tiedye_zps5ea7b097.jpg
Tie Dye
 photo s88306_product_detail_zpsb078e0bf.jpg
You can buy these fun eye shadow pans on Stilas website if you need something awesome to wear for those summer nights.
What do you think of this fun summer product?
Have a fun Friday day or night!
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