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The Best Of ELF

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Heyyy Makeup Lovers
I am going to try to attempt to write about the best elf (EyesLipsFace) products again. The last time I try to do this, I ended up writing a whole story on how this brand got me into makeup lol.
For those of you that don't know what elf is, it is a makeup company that sells affordable but high quality products that you can buy on their online store or at select Wal-Mart’s, Target, Kmart, and Walgreens.
If I was you I would go on their website and sign up for their newsletters because not only do you get great tips and beauty news, but you also get awesome deals like buy one and 50% off, 40% off, buy up to $25 and get ten free eye shadows, and so on.
I am going to stop talking how awesome elf is now and show you my top favorites that I have bought from elf for a few years now.
Here is the Best of elf:
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Stipple Brush
This guy does it all.
You can use it to apply your foundation to get that flawless look or you can use it to lightly apply your blush or bronzer.
 photo eyelinerbrush_zpsa410c2d0.jpg
Angled Eyeliner Brush
This is the perfect brush for people who are beginners on applying cream and liquid eyeliners.
 photo definingeyebrush_zps9be6677e.jpg
Defining Eye Brush
 photo lipbrush_zps4055a85a.jpg
Lip Defining Brush
 photo 1705_eyelash-curler_deptimg_zps4025c90b.jpg
Mechanical Eyelash Curler
I find that this works just as good as the over priced eyelash curlers.
Now on with the Makeup!!
 photo littleblackbeatybook_zpsfead1751.jpg
Little Black Beauty Books
I have three of these little cute books. They are travel size friendly.
I just saw a beach beauty book at target last night and they look pretty awesome. I would have got one if I didn't have three books lol. Who really needs four books of makeup lol?
 photo lotsofcolor_zpsaabe14d5.jpg
144 Piece Ultimate Eye shadow Palette
There is just so many looks you can do with this colorful palette.
If you are like me and can't just pick one color of eye shadow, then this palette is made for you.
 photo waterproofpen_zps92034899.png
Water Proof Pen
It’s like a sharpie but for your eyes. Hahaha
 photo 21634_180px_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zpsfe7be6b2.jpg
Jumbo Eye shadow Stick
These are just so awesome and they don't crease, and that is a plus in my book.
 photo tonecorrectingconcealer_zps5e6f8892.png
Tone Correcting Concealer
I use this under my eyes and on top of the cheek bone and it just creates this nice glow.
 photo 1713_180pxl_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zps11f1baf4.jpg
Lash Kits
You can't go wrong with one dollar eyelashes.
 photo lipstick_zps6ac14423.jpg
Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks
I feel these are just as good as the ones that cost between $7 and $20.
 photo 3201_all-over-cover-stick_deptimg_zps36b03381.jpg
All Over Cover Stick $1.00
This was one of the first products that I got from elf and I used this guy for about everything. I used him as an eye primer, concealer, and also as a foundation but I had to use a primer with it because it pull at my skin and didn't blend to well without the face primer.
 photo nail_polish_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zpse1e6c01b.jpg
Nail Polish
 photo 81271_180px_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zps786b868c.jpg
Baked Eyeshadows
Summer in a Pan!
 photo 82525_180_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zps003d623e.jpg  photo 82546_180px_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zpsadf816e8.jpg
The Glitter and Glossy glosses are just awesome!
 photo 83221_180px_deptImg_zpsab051517.jpg
Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
This stuff is perfect when you have no time in the morning to get all beautiful. You just put it on and run out the door.
 photo 83133_blush_V2b_zps7c5dd4a3.jpg
They have so many different shades that I think everyone can find they perfect color for their skin tone.
Do you girls know Nars blush in Orgasm that cost $29.00, well elf blush in candid coral is the same color. I know this because all that Orgasm really is a peachy pink with a gold shimmer in it and both of the blushes are that color.
So answer me this question, do you want to play $29.00 or $3.00 for a blush?
Hmmmm, I wonder with one you girls will pick.
 photo 83701_180px_deptImg_jpg__deptImg_zpsc86ba71d.jpg
 photo 83801_complperfect_deptimg_zps30cdf946.jpg
Tone Correcting Powder
This is the product I just can't live without. Its takes away my red cheeks and makes my skin look almost perfect. I say almost because there is no such thing as perfect and I like that way.
 photo 6601_mineral-booster_deptimg_zps6b0823c5.jpg
Booster Powder in Sheer
If you don't have this powder then just get it.
This powder is good for all skin tones and it will give you a healthier, silkier, and smoother looking skin.
You can wear this over your makeup or alone.
Just get it and you will see how awesome it is.
I been using this product for almost three years now, and that got to tell you something.
 photo 6807_mineral-blemish-kit_deptimg-2_deptImg_zps857d850a.jpg
Blemish Kit
This stuff works wonders too. Not only does this product hide blemishes but it also heals them at the same time. I put this on a big red zit a few years back and it took the redness away in two seconds.
What awesome about this powder is that you can wear it to bed too, so it can fight those awful zits while you sleep.
 photo 6552_mineral-eye-liner_deptimg_zpsfe57e8da.jpg
Its three dollars and it works just as good as the one that cost $8.00 and over.
That’s all the products I love and used.
I hope this helps you girls see why elf is my number one favorite band.
If you are an elf lover like me, then what is your favorite product by them?
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!
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