Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Makeup Looks Of the Days: Loving the Blues and Enchanting Summer Eyes!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I have Two Makeup Looks that I been wanting to post all weekend, but I ended up working 24hrs this weekend. No lie, I really worked 24 hrs in two days and I still went to the gym today lol. Let me tell you I was not really feeling the whole gym thing today but I went anyways because bathing suit season is almost here!
Anyways let’s get on with my two awesome makeup looks!!
Loving the Blues:
I did this look right before I cut off my hair.
 photo 006255x340_zpsd8fcd010.jpg
I used green blue shimmer eye shadows from the inner corner of my eyes up to the middle off the eyes and then I added a nice dark blue to the outer corner of the eyes.
I believe I put a very light shimmer green color on my tear ducts and then I went under the lower lash lines with the same color but I stop in the middle of the lower lash lines and then continue with the dark blue.
For the brow bone I just added a matte eye shadow that was almost the same skin tone as my skin.
I love wearing blue eye shadows even if it can be hard to work with blue eye shadows, because it is very easy to look like meme from the drew carey show.
 photo 009264x340_zps7b0a1a6b.jpg
 photo 010248x340_zpsd716ad2b.jpg
Sorry for my awful eyebrows, I ended up fixing them after I took these pictures. I just don't think sometimes.
 photo 012268x294_zps34777454.jpg
 photo 017254x340_zps4701fb84.jpg
Enchanting Summer Eyes:
 photo 019255x340_zps73f4b307.jpg
Just so you know I am wearing a tube top. lol
 photo 021228x340_zps77686158.jpg
 photo 022258x276_zps60291e69.jpg
 photo 029254x340_zpsdd5121ae.jpg
 photo 023255x340_zps5128d469.jpg
I love this quick and easy look. It’s also perfect for summer.
I applied a brown eye shadow into the crease and blend it out with my blending brush.
I took a wet flat eye shadow brush and dip it into my e.l.f. Studio Baked Eye shadow in Enchanted and added that to my whole eyelid. This is such a pretty color and it’s just perfect for summer!
Its summer in a pan.
I used a white shimmer eye shadow in my tear ducts and on my brow bone.
I then added a pop of shimmer orange under my lash lines.
That’s it for eye shadows.
All there is left to do is apply the black eyeliners and Mascara.
I hope you girls love these looks!
What is your favorite look to do in the summer?
I can't wait for summer and it is just around the corner.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!
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