Saturday, April 27, 2013

Help a Girl Out!

Heyy makeup Lovers I need your help!!!!
If you haven't read my last blog I entered a contest called the NYX Face Awards!
but I really need your help!!
I need to you awesome and beautiful make up lovers to like my Sports Team Inspired Makeup Tutorial: Boston Bruins!!! NYX Face Awards 2013!! Video.
I need as many likes as I can get on this viedo. To like it just click on the thumbs up sign under my video on youtube.
It would mean the world to me if you like my awesome video and to tell your friends and family to like it too!
If you don't like to tell people what to do and then just share my link that is on Facebook. That would really help me out too!
I really want to want to go on to the next round of this contest so bad!!!
If you guys give me the chance I promise you I will do my best. That is all anyone can do right?
Here are all my links to my everything lol.
Also if you subscribe to my youtube channel that just will make me the happiest person ever!
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Here is my video that I enter for the NYX FACE AWARDS 2013!!

Here is a video about the contest.