Saturday, March 29, 2014

Makeup Looks of the Day: Two in One Color of the Year makeup Look

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!
The look that I did for the color of the year ended up looking like more of a fun night club or a photo short kind of look but I also made it into a nice wearable look for the girls that wanting a fun but wearable color of the wear look.
I wasn't trying to do a crazy look it just ended up looking that way. I never really know what to expect when I am creating a new look. Sometimes it will turn out awesome and there are other times when my makeup can look scary and not wearable for day time. It's all good because when it comes to makeup there are no rules but to just have fun with it.
Color of the year Makeup look number one!

For the eyes :
This is going to sound crazy but after I applied primer all over my eyes I took some scotch tape and placed it at the bottom of the outer corners of my eyes.
This will help me get the cat eyes shape. If you are an artist and can create cat eyes without any tape then you don't have to do this step but for the ones who are not artist like me then this will help you big time.
After I applied the tape I took an eyeliner brush dip it into a nice pretty purple eye shadow by Tarte and kind of draw a triangle shape by drawing a line from the middle of my eyes right above the crease and stop right the end of wear I place the tape.
I applied more of the purple eye shadow inside of my triangle by patting it in with a flat eye shadow brush.
I added a lighter shiny purple onto the middle of my eyes and blending some into the darker purple.
For my inner corner and tear ducts I applied a pretty pale pink eye shadow with a hint of shine into it. I also blend that color into the lighter purple.
I just added a matte nude color onto my brow bones to make the edges of my eye shadow look a little neater and cleaner.
After I peal of the tape I blend the edges out a little and then added more of that purple and then I went underneath my lower lash with the same color to complete my cat eyes.
I applied the light purple eye shadow onto the middle of my lower lash lines.
I added black eyeliner to my top lash lines and my waterlines and last but not least I applied two coats of mascara but this look would look a lot better with false lashes.
For the face :
After I applied my foundation all I really did was add bronzer to my temples, on my cheeks, and on my jawline. Sense I already had so much color going on with my eyes I didn’t really wanted to add any pink blush on to my cheeks. That would have just been over killed on the pinks. I also added some highlighter onto my cheek bones for that nice glow.
I can never really complete any look with a nice glow to it. It’s just something about it.
For the lips :
I just added a nude pink lip gloss to the lips.
Look number two!

You pretty much do the same thing but without the tape and use more of your blending brushes. I got so many comments on how pretty this looks was when I went out to lunch on Friday.
To get this look all I really did was wipe off my triangle and add some of the purple back into the outer edges of my eyes and then blending all of the colors together. It’s kind of like a Smokey eye but brighter.
To add a little more fun to the look I just applied a fuchsia pink color onto my lips.
If you don’t like the pink lips with the purple and pink eyes then just wear a nude lip color. Whatever works for you!
I hope you girls like my version of color of the year!!
Have a good day or night!!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!