Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Makeup Trick: How to Foil Eyeshadows

Hey makeup Lovers!!!!!
Out of all the makeup tips and tricks I have learn I think this one that I'm about to write about is the coolest and funnest one I know. When I have no clue on what look I want to do, I will foil one of my eye shadows that I love at the moment and ta-da I have a cool and awesome look in a matter of minutes.
What is foiling eye shadows?
Foiling eye shadows is when you take any one of your eye shadows and turn it into a metallic or wet finish. This trick is super easy and fun to do.
How do you foil eye shadows?

Wet any one of your eye shadow brushes and then dip it into any eye shadows you want to foil. You can foil both press and loose shadows.

With press shadow just wet a small area of the shadow and swirl it until you get a nice metallic paint mixture going on. It is almost like watercolor painting where you have to wet your paint brush and the paint a few times before you get the amount of color and paint you want. So cool right?
You can do the same thing with the loose eye shadows but you just have to mix some of the eye shadow and water into the cover or cap of the product so you don’t ruined your eye shadow.
After you make your pretty mixture you just apply it to the lids however you want.

Set how it looks like paint!

Look at this awesomeness right here.
See how pretty that looks and it was easy as 123.
Here how it looks with a complete makeup look.

See how easy that is to do!
I hope you will give this fun trick a try.
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!