Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Makeup Look of the Day: Bring on the Green

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!!
I wanted to do a bold eye with color in it because I haven’t done that kind of look in a long time and I am really missing my fun colorful looks, what about you guys?
I decide to use one of my Coastal Scents Simple set that I got back in December called Mermaid Party. When I look at this set I think of spring but the name makes me think of the ocean and summer time. The only reason I think of spring is because of that bright pop of green color in this set but the others do make me think of the ocean and mermaids. The reason I think this set makes me think of summer time because oceans remind me of beaches and then of course the beach remind me of summertime!
Even though this set reminds me of both seasons the look that I created remind me of only one. Spring! The pop of green just shows off in this look but I'm not complaining because that's what I wanted. A fun pop of spring look to get me though the last few weeks of winter.
If you need a fun pick me up with a pop of color than please read on to learn how to get this bring on the green spring time look!

Eye Shadow Simple Set in Mermaid Party. From top left to right Indigo and Appletini. From bottom left to right Laguna Green and Arctic Breeze.

I only did my eyes that day because I was going to Ulta to try on some new face products that I have been reading about online.
For the Eyes:
Before anything I applied eye shadow primer to prevent creasing and a white base to help make the colors pop more all over the lids.
I applied bright green color called Appletini all over my lids and up to the crease with a flat eye shadow brush in a patting motion and then I blend it out with my blending brush.
To keep the bright green going I blend more of the green into my crease and above it too.
For some shimmer I added the Laguna Green eye shadow on top of the Appletini green all over the lids.
For a little depth to my eyes I applied the dark Indigo blue into my crease with a Blending Pointed brush and then I blend it out.
For more of that pop of green I added the bight Appletini green underneath my lower lash lines.
Then for that nice fun shimmer highlight I applied the color Arctic Breeze onto my brow bone and tear ducts.
I used a dark green eye shadow for my top lash line and I used a metallic shimmer green onto my waterlines.
Then just applied lots and lots of mascara to compete the look!
This looks also reminds me of St Patty's Day.
What do you girls think name of this look should be? Bring of the green spring time look or St Patty’s Day Look?
I’m going to go with both!

Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!!