Sunday, April 6, 2014

More Randomness

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I am back with some more randomness and more sorrys about how I haven't post anything for a week now. I am in the process of moving out and into my condo! The next few weeks are going to be a little crazy for me but I will at least have time to write one post a week. My blogging nights are usually Tuesday and Thursdays but for some reason I was too tried and lazy to write anything this week. Like I said in my last random post my mind has been busy thinking about house and wedding stuff so I have been having writers block about makeup. Crazy right? I have always had something big or small to write about makeup or anything related to it. It's funny every time I have time to write a post I am usually to tried and fall asleep. Blah!! I also want to do more YouTube videos but that will have to wait until I am all move into my new home because I have boxes all around me in my room and half my stuff is pack. So yea I hope you girls will still be here reading my blog when I get back into my regular blogging schedule. Which will be at least two posts a week but for now it’s going to have to be one post a week and it might not be makeup related. I might have updates about how the move is going and all. Don't worry this week’s subject will be on makeup I'm not sure if it will be on a look I just did today or on a product I am loving! I'm not sure if I want to show you my today’s makeup look because my eyebrows look kind of scary today lol. I should have got them done before making any kind of looks but it’s all good. I thought the messy eyebrow look was all the rage this season. No?
Maybe I will just put a warning in the post before the pictures lol.
Well that’s all I have to write for now and this will be my last excuse post for why I haven’t been writing because I’m sure it’s getting annoying for you girls.
Well if you girls have any questions about anything beauty related or on a subject you would want to me to write about don’t be afraid to ask. I love hearing from you girls!
You can reach me by leaving me comments on my blog or reaching me at……
I hope you all have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!