Sunday, February 3, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day:Super Bowl Look!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!
I am so mad at blogger for not saving my hard work that I did today! But I will show you the super bowl look at least. lol
 photo 86e44cd2-6609-4251-b0d1-21410ef25d6c_zps8a4f8f69.jpg

Lets get our game faces on and whip out our makeup brushes haha. All I did was put a gold cream eyeliner all over the lids and put a gold eye shadow all over it. To represent both teams I did the gold eye and then added a purple eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash line and then did a nice bright red lip. to add some glimmer I put gold gritter on the tear ducts. Then for some nice high light I added a shimmer white to the brow and cheek bones. I didn't wanna go to crazy on the Superbowl makeup because I didn't want to get booed or punched in the face by a patriots fan. hahaha!

Here are some more pics of the look.

 photo bfc747e9-16e0-439f-b601-f9a58ab836ce_zps351478d2.jpg

 photo 08cc940a-c9fc-43fe-b7a2-ddc847ea5953_zps12e20489.jpg

 photo 049_zps27b5f2a5.jpg

I hope you likw this fun look I am sorry that this is a short sweet blog post. I did a really long one today and blogger didn't save it again. :(
I hope you have a super Sunday!!!
Much Love from your sad makeup lover. JK well I am a little sad that I lost all the work I did.