Friday, February 22, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day: A J. LO Look!

Hey makeup lovers!!!
Last night I saw this makeup tutorial for a J. Lo look from the Grammys by Pixiwoo on youtube and I loved it soo much that I tried it on myself today. It turns out to be much harder then it looks. If you are going to do this look then you really need a very small eyeliner or paint brush because the black eyeliner goes around the whole eye. To do this look I:
Put a taupe color in the crease with a blending brush and then I put a little of the brown eye shadow in the outer crease.
I applied a really pretty copper color on the whole lid up to the crease and then I put the same color under my eye.
Then I added a shimmer pink with a hint of gold in it on top of the copper color.
I also added the same pink gold color in the tear ducts and went under the eye.
Then I Put a matte white eye shadow on the brow bone to add a high light
Now the hard part, I took the thinnest eyeliner brush that I had and a cream black eyeliner then I added a thin black line on the top lash line, around the tear ducts, under the lash line and then wing it out at the outer corners.
Then I added a lot of mascara on the top lash line.
If you want to do this look make sure you do not add eyeliner to the water line and mascara to the bottom eye lashes.
Then for the J.Lo glow I added a shimmer white high light to the cheek bones and a peachy color blush to the cheeks.
I then applied bronzer to my temples and under my cheeks to add some color and to make my face look thinner.
since she had a shimmer bronze and nude lip, I put on a nude color lipstick and a bronze shimmer lip gloss on my lips.
Then voila! I now look like J. Lo well… almost lol
I love this look it is simple but it added such a nice look to the eyes. This is kind of hard to do because of the eyeliner. But if you have a thin brush and a good cream eyeliner then it shouldn’t be to hard to achieve.
I hope It helped you girls turn into a J.LO! hahaha
Here are more pics!!
 photo prettyeye_zps2e53be7f.jpg

Have a good day or night
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!