Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day!!: Just A Fun Blue Eyeliner Look!

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!


I was going to do a Valentine’s day makeup tutorial this morning but... what happen was that I was supposed to wash my makeup brushes last night and have everything set up for the video but I fell asleep. I was just so tried yesterday; I think it was from all the snow that I had to deal with this weekend lol. So I just ended up doing a fun blue wing out eyeliner look for you girls as a makeup look of the day! Maybe I will try to make a date night look makeup tutorial this weekend sense I have it off.
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For the Face:
I applied A BB cream by Maybelline all over the face.
Then I just added the $1 Concealer by ELF where I needed it.
Then I also added a shimmer light rose color on my cheeks for just a pretty glow. I used the $1 Elf all over stick in Persimmon.
Don't you just love makeup that only cost a dollar, I know I do.
For the Eyes:
I applied an eye shadow base by NYX
Then I put this really pretty shimmer champagne color with a hint of silver in it all over the lids from my Sephora blockbuster palette. This color ends up looking like a silver color once it is on your eye lids.
Then with the only clean eyeliner brush I had I then applied Color Tattoo in 40 Tenacious Teal as eyeliner. I try my hardest to wing out my eyeliner the best I could. One side was a little bigger than the other but you couldn't really tell unless you really look at it. I also added a teal color eye shadow to the liner just to make sure it stays put and to fix it up a little.
Then I used ELF cream eyeliner in teal as eyeliner for my waterlines.
To make the look complete I added some mascara then BOOM! My eyes were done. :)
O and I also put some nude lip gloss on my lips.
See how easy this look is to do. If you can't wing out your eyeliner then just don't wing it but it never hurts to try. :)
I hope you like this easy and fun look.
Have a good day or night!