Thursday, February 28, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day: A Fun Purple Look!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!
I hope you girls are staying warm and dry on this cold and rainy day. Well it’s cold and rainy where I am anyway. Any who since I am too lazy to go back out in the rain I decided it is a good time to write about my makeup look of the day! I hope you girls like it when I do makeup look of the day since I have been doing so many of them lately.
 photo 005-4_zpsd3b714ce.jpg
Lately I’ve been into the color purple, not just in my makeup but also with my clothes too. I keep wearing the color purple. As I am writing this I am wearing a purple sweat shirt haha. For this week I did a very smoky purple eye and yesterday I just did a fun and easy purple look. I think purple might be my new favorite color. If you want to know how to do this fun, easy, and purple eye look then read on.
For the eyes:
After I applied the eyelid primer I took a flat eye shadow brush and pick up a purple eye shadow that wasn’t to dark but not light and put it on my eyelid and up to the crease. You also want to go underneath the eye with the same color.
Then I took my blending brush and blended out the eye shadow using a windshield wiper motion in the crease.
Then I applied a light lavender color to the tear ducts with an eyeliner brush. If you don’t have that color then used a light pink or even a white. Also used the same color for your brow bone.
I took a clean blending brush and put a metallic silver purple in and above the crease.
For some sparkle I put a light glitter purple eye shadow on top of the purple on the eyelids.
To finish off the eyes, I added a matte black eye shadow to my lash line and if you want you girls can take a smudge brush and just smudge it on the lash line for more of a Smokey look.
Don’t forget the mascara, put on tons, tons, and tons of it. Lol
For the face:
I just used my BB cream that day. I didn’t really feel like putting my whole face on. Haha
I just used a light pink color to the cheeks and a light pink highlight color on the cheek bones.
To added a little color to my white face I added bronzer to my temples, under the cheeks, under the chin, and a little on the nose.
For the lips:
I just mixed a whole bunch of different pinks and nudes colors to get the perfect pinky nude lips. Well for me anyways.
I hope this was nice and easy for you girls.
 photo 003-5_zps1f8f82d4.jpg
 photo 002-4_zps3c59cb54.jpg
 photo 006-2_zps6ab126c5.jpg
 photo f327af6f-e2fd-45cc-9f64-2741af4114a0_zps92724dde.jpg
 photo 011-4_zps5af9765e.jpg

What has been your go to color lately?
Or are you just a boring colorless person? Lol
I’m just kidding
Much Love,
From your crazy makeup lover!

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