Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day!: Feeling the Blues

Hello Makeup Lovers!!!
I know I know I said that I would have a makeup look of the day by Monday on my Facebook the other day buttt....
I ended up working late last night and instead of blogging after work I went to bed lol. Opps!
If you girls are feeling the Tuesday blues then here’s a look for you! I know the colors look gray and silver but the colors are light blue and a nice deep blue with a hint of gray. I had to take my pictures in the car because I took too long with my makeup that day. So it was Makeup Look of the Day on the run. haha.
 photo 005-4_zpsa7fccb49.jpg
What I did:
I took a deep blue color and applied it on the outer corner of the eyes and then put a gray color right above the deep blue
I then blend the colors with my blending brush.
I then applied a light shimmer blue to the lids and up to the crease.
Then added a shimmer white color to my tear duct and a matte white to my brow bone.
I took the shimmer white under the eye a little then added the deep blue and the gray under my bottom lash line.
I grab my eyeliner brush and dip it into a matte black eye shadow and applied it to my top lash line as the eyeliner.
Then of course I added eyeliner to the water line and lots of mascara on my eyelashes.
For the face I went really light with it.
I just added some pink blush and a light pinky nude lip.
Here are some more pictures of the look.
 photo 010-4_zpsf778dff6.jpg
 photo 009-4_zps45b16e10.jpg
 photo 007-4_zpsf526046c.jpg
 photo 006-2_zps38b78d3f.jpg
 photo 004-4_zps9129d976.jpg
Sorry I had to make this short and sweet because I am editing a makeup tutorial of a look that I did on my friend Ally. It will be on YouTube sometime this week! :)
Have a good day or night.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.