Friday, August 3, 2012

Three Lip Glosses for Just Five Dollars! Say What!


Hello Makeup Lovers,

I hate to tell people what to do butttt.....
You girls got to go to Victoria's Secret. Like right nowwwww!!
Ok so here is my story.
I just walking in and out of stores at the mall in my city and of course when I go into a Victoria's Secret I go straight to where the makeup is. As I was about to pick up a sheer shimmer orange lip gloss, one of the VS girls goes "you know that the lip glosses on the table over there are only a dollar” and like something cents. What! No I did not! I believe I flew to the table. And of course was in heaven. See I love the VS lip glosses but ever sense I discover Where they sell lip glosses for a dollar that look, smell, and feel the same, I just didn't see any point in buying the VS lip glosses anymore. Also I always felt that spending seven dollars on one lip gloss was a waste of money for me. I'm the kind of person who likes to get more for her money because I work very hard for my money. The VS girl also side that the lip glosses are getting a new look. So all the old lip glosses are on sale. It would be nice if they advertise this more. SO here I am telling you girls to go get some because I got three for five dollars and something cents. Sorry I don’t remember the cents. All I know is that they are cheap and smell good.


(From Left to right)The three that I got are Life's A Peach, More Mimosa, and this one only had numbers but it smells like bubblegum. So I am going to call it Bubblegum.


I did get these lip glosses.

Have a fun awesome day or night and maybe happy shopping. :)