Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Got to Love Zebra Stripes!


Hello Makeup Lovers,

I'm here with more fun nail art. Thats really easy to do and really cool for the frist day of school! Its fun and eye catching. I've gotten alot of OoO love your nails. I know it might look hard to do but its really not. You don't have to be neat and perfect when it comes to zebra stripes. And you can use any colors you want!

Heres what you will need:

Base coet
white nail color
black nail color
any color of nail glitter
a paint brush or nail art brush
top coat

Heres how to do it

Of course I start with a base coat then I put on a white nail color. Now for the fun part, take you paint brush dip it into the black nail polish and then from the base of you nail make a line that curves in. Then do it again on the oppsite side. You will make about four zebra strips. Remember they dont have to be perfect. The more imperfect they are the cooler they look. Then add your favorite glitter nail polish and followed by your top coat. Walla you got some awesome nails!

You can do this with any colors. Like black with pink stripes or multi-color stripes. Show you creative and unique side, its fun!

enjoy the rest of the summer!