Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Makeup Anyone?

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!

The other day I decided to buy a storage bin from Walmart to help me pack up my makeup for when I do move into my new home once I find it. I am packing up half of my makeup now because the truth is having a lot of makeup drives me nuts half the time, there is such of thing having too much of a good thing. I mean I love trying out all kinds of new products but when you have days that you have to do your makeup in less then a half of an hour it’s tough to do when you have to dig through all of your makeup to find the products you want to use that day. I was going to buy something to help me organize all of my makeup to help me get ready faster but I deiced not to since I might be moving soon so that's why I got a big sorage box to help me put away some of my makeup so I don’t go crazy. It's funny because I didn't realize I had so much makeup until I organized most it into two groups. The first picture is the makeup I don’t really use that much and the second picture is the makeup I do use all the time. In the first picture you may not realize how much makeup is in those cases. I have to tell you all those cases are filled with makeup! Even though I have a lot of makeup I don't use, I do have a lot of makeup I do use as you can see in the second picture. The thing with me is I like to use palettes more than makeup that is on its own. I just like to have everything in front of me. Most days I will have at least two or three eye shadows palettes out so I can figure out what kind of look I wanted to do that day. I know some of you girls are wondering why would anyone buy this much makeup but to tell you the truth I don't. About half of my makeup is gifts from my love ones and most of it is from my glam bag that I get about four or five beauty products a month. The only makeup I really buy is my face makeup and the makeup for my kit that I used on other people not on my safe. When you are a beauty blogger like me, makeup adds up by a lot! One day I started out with one little bag of makeup and then all of a sudden it turns into cases and cases of makeup that needed a big storage box to place it all. I didn’t realize how much makeup I had until I was swimming in it. I know no one needs this much makeup but it just happen. The sad thing about this is that I have seen girls on YouTube with like a desk full of makeup and that is way more than I could ever afford but then again I am glad I don't have that much because I do not have the space to put it right now or probably ever. If I ever did become one of those girls that did get that much makeup due to makeup companies giving it to them for free I would most likely give a lot of it to my love ones and to you girls in a giveaway because there is no need to have that much makeup.
Anyways the reason why I am writing a post about me packing up my makeup because I wanted to show you a before shot of my makeup being pack up and having no home to go to right now, but when I do find a place and a new home for my makeup I want to do a after shot of it being organized. I thought it would be really fun and helpful for girls that are going through the same thing I am going though.
I hope you like my random and helpful post!
Have a good day or night!
Much lover from your crazy makeup lover!