Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Makeup Look of the Day: Bold Face and Soft Eyes

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!

On Saturday I decided to do a spring type kind of look to add color to my white winter skin while I was being snow in again! I am really craving for that nice spring time weather so to fix that I created a bold face and soft eyes look that is perfect for any spring day, whenever it decides to show up that is.
Now I always feel like I have to say this but my looks always look way better in person than it does on camera but it true. The face may look like it is too heavy with makeup but it’s really not. The blush is just a really bight color, all you need is a small amount and you get a cheek full of a pretty watermelon pink color. The blush that I used for this look is City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon.
It you really like this pretty glowy bold face and soft eye makeup for your first spring day than please read on.
If you are going to use a bronzer and you are not tan on your neck like me then please put bronzer on your neck so it doesn’t look funny. I forgot to do that as you can see in the pictures. I was trying to hurry up because it was beginning to snow really heavy and I needed to get to the store before the roads got really bad.
Believe me it makes a big difference when you add bronzer to your neck.
Bold Face and Soft Eyes
For the Face:
Before anything I added primer all over my face and before I added any foundation I added a really light concealer underneath my eyes to add some brightness. I did do a little contouring too but I am not going to confuse you girls with all that in this post but I will be posting about it sometime next week. I only did a little; I’m not really into contouring that much as some girls are. I just like my face the way it is really. I only did it this time to help make my cheeks to look a little bit bolder.
After I applied my foundation and face powder all over my face I added bronzer to my temples, under my cheek bones, and on my jaw line.
Then I added a really bright watermelon pink color to the apple of my cheek for that nice bold bright color.
For that nice dewy glow I applied a champagne highlighter powder with a hint of gold on top of my cheek bones, forehead and on my brow bone.
For the eyes:
I only wanted my face and lips to stand out with this look so I did a really easy nude eye look.
After I applied a concealer all over my lids I used a concealer that was a few shades darker than my skin color and applied it into my crease with a blending brush. To set the colors I used a face power for the light and bronzer for the dark colors to prevent any creasing.
To keep the nude going I applied a light matte nude eye shadow onto the lids and then added the highlighter power I used for my face and brow bone onto my tear ducts to brighten my eyes a little.
Then I took a medium matte brown eye shadow with an eyeliner brush and applied it onto my upper lash line. I used an eye shadow instead of a pencil because eye shadows add a softer look then a pencil would.
I did use black eyeliner for my waterline but a brown or nude eyeliner would look way better with this look. I just couldn’t find any of my brown eyeliners and I have about three of them. Go figure.
To finish off with the eyes I apply lots and lots of mascara.
For the lips:
To keep the bright bold pink going I used a Coral lip crayon that almost looks like the same color on my cheeks. I thought these two colors are prefect together.
That’s my bold face and soft eyes look.
What do you think of this look? Love it? Hate it?

Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover