Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Makeup Look of the Season: Disney Frozen Inspired Look!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!
I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Day and weekend! Now it’s time to have some holiday fun.
Well the look I created is not really for the holidays it is more of a winter look but I made this look on the night I went to go see the movie Frozen and of course my look was inspired by this cute, funny, and fun movie that is now on my top Disney favorites list. Yes I am 25 years old but I will never be too old for my Disney princess movies. :)
Okay now on with this magical winter Look!

For the eyes:
I prep the eyes with concealer and powder and then applied a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over the eyes to help make my eye shadows pop more.
I went into my Vice 2 palette and dip my crease brush into Shellshock which is this pretty metallic silver color that I just can't get enough of and applied it into my crease and blend it out. I also apply this color onto my tear ducts.
This color adds a nice winter touch.
I then add the color Madness which is a metallic blue shimmer color with blue micro-glitter onto the lids with a flat eye shadow brush. You can color the whole lid if you want but I only went halfway with this color because I ended up added the color Prank to the outer corners of my eyes. Prank is a deep navy matte blue with a hint of turquoise in it but you can just use a dark blue if you want.
For the brow bone I added a pretty shimmery champagne color to keep the sparkle going sense there was so much shimmery white snow all over the place in the movie.
The two girls in this movie had big beautiful eyes and I wanted to add the big eye effect so I used an eyeliner pencil that was almost the same color as Shellshock onto my waterline. You can also use white eyeliner to make your eyes bigger too but I think the silver adds a nice touch. The silver color on the tear duct and water line will add the big eye effect.
For the top lash line I just used my favorite black eyeliner to line my eyes. Don't make the line to thick because you want the winter colors to be the stars in this look not your eyeliner.
If you want to make your eyes even bigger than just add a full set of eyelashes but I just used mascara for this look.
For the face:
After I applied my CC Cream and face powder all over I apply bronzer to my temples and under the cheeks bones and then added a pretty light pink blush to the apples of my cheeks. I also added a Shimmer champagne color on top of my cheeks bones to add a nice highlight to my face.
For the lips I added the same light pink blush color that I used my cheeks and top it off with a pink nude lip gloss.
O yea I forgot a step, I added the color madness underneath my lash lines. Opps!
I hope you makeup lovers like this fun Frozen Inspired look and just remember you are never too old for a good Disney fairy tale movie.
What is you all time favorite Disney movie?
Mine is Snow White!
Have a good day or night and don't forget that the holidays are about being with your love ones, it’s not about shopping for the best gifts.
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!