Thursday, November 21, 2013

Everybody is Crazy about Being Naked!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!
I never knew that there could ever be so many ways to be Naked until Urban Decay came long and proved me wrong by making not two but three different Naked eye shadow palette’s that every girl wants to get their hands on! These palettes are what every makeup artist, beauty blogger, and crazy makeup lover crave. I am going to safely write that all three of these gorgeous Palettes are Urban Decay best sellers since Naked3 is already sold out and it’s only been a few hours of it being out! The day isn’t even over yet. How crazy is that?
Sadly I am one of those crazy makeup lovers that ended up not making it to the site on time! It’s all good because someday I will have my hands on this lovely palette!
Now let me show you the three different palettes that the will help you look great being Naked. ;)

Naked Palette
The Naked Palette is loaded with twelve beautiful bronze-hue neutrals that proved being Naked is better.

This one looks just like the first one but it is loaded with twelve taupe-hued neutrals eye shadows instead of the bronze-hue neutrals.

I am so happy that Urban Decay went with a whole new kind of Naked with this Palette, not only did they make this palette totally different, but the twelve rose-hued neutrals are brand new! In this palette you have your "smooth mattes", "gorgeous pearls", and metallic finish ranging from the lightest shimmery pink to a deep warm black with rosy red glitter eye shadow.
Who knew that the color rose would be the new Naked color!
If you were lucky enough to get this palette then not only are you getting a nice double-ended shadow/blending brush but also getting an Eye shadow Primer Potion sampler with resalable samples of all four formulas! That is awesome, I am so jealous of any of you girls that got one today. Haha, just kidding, well kind of.
What do you girls think of the Naked3 Palette? Loving it? Hating it?
I hope you have are a having a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!